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Supercharge Your Mobile Engagement Campaigns with Branch and CleverTap

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
Supercharge Your Mobile Engagement Campaigns with Branch and CleverTap

Mobile marketers spend a massive percentage of their marketing budgets on acquiring new users. A lot of time, effort, and resources are spent on building brand awareness and driving installs. But it takes less than a few minutes to see them walk away or even worse; move to a competitor brand! Hence it’s getting crucial for marketers to ensure that these hard-earned users are successfully onboarded, retained, and converted into loyal customers as quickly as possible.
Mobile deep links have been around for a long time now. For developers, it has been around since iOS 2.0, which makes it almost a decade old. Today, marketers are making use of deferred deep links and contextual deep-links to such effect and magnitude, that it has become a must have in every marketer’s arsenal. Branch is a mobile linking platform that helps you grow your mobile app through deep linking, sharing, referrals, mobile banners and interstitials, custom app onboarding, and unified attribution across platforms and channels. These universal deep links work on all operating systems, browsers, and in every scenario.
The key to onboard users and drive retention is:

  • Understand the channels that work best for a specific segment of users.
  • Use personalized messages to influence them to take the optimal action.
The Art of Onboarding Mobile App Users

The Art of Onboarding Mobile App Users

Make a great first impression for lasting customer relationships. Understand how to onboard customers for your travel app using CleverTap.

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Understand the channels that work best for a specific segment of users

It is important to understand that not all users are the same. A users that installs the app via an Instagram campaign offering a discount is most likely to not behave the same way as one that installed the app organically from the App Store.
In short, the acquisition channel shouldn’t be the only available data point for a marketer to create messages that drive users from install to onboarding to conversion.

Use personalized messages to influence them to take the optimal action

To onboard users, you need to collect and analyze data from install sources, actions and inactions in the app, behavior insights, demographics and much more. The better you can correlate data from multiple sources the higher would be the probability of your messages resonating with your target audience. A mobile marketing platform that combines personalization at scale and marketing automation is the one that would add the most value to your users.

How does attribution work in CleverTap?

CleverTap helps you analyze and optimize your marketing channels for cost-effective user acquisition. So you can understand how mobile users interact with ads and your apps.
CleverTap can help you track your app installs, measure attribution with third-party sources, and view reports in your Dashboard. CleverTap supports integration with popular third-party attribution providers like Appsflyer, Adjust, Apsalar, Branch, and Tune.

How can CleverTap and Branch work together:

Let’s talk about SF Pizza Box. They have a food delivery app and to monetize users on Black Friday, they ran a special campaign on Facebook.
Black Friday Campaign
Using CleverTap and Branch, their marketing team can:

  1. Get customer insights and app metrics to better understand how new users interacted with their campaign
    New User Campaign
  2. Segment the number of new users they acquired from this campaign based on user attribution metrics sent from Branch and correlate demographics and type of pizza ordered using the CleverTap dashboard
    New User Segmentation
  3. Create a specific onboarding campaign in CleverTap to target these users
    Black Friday Onboarding Campaign
  4. Send personalized messages at scale using Branch’s deep links and CleverTap’s omnichannel marketing feature to make sure each user gets a contextual message based on the device used and type of pizza ordered
    Personalized Messaging Campaign
  5. Measure the conversion and ROI for the users it acquired from this campaign using CleverTap’s dashboard
    Measure the conversion and ROI
  6. Improve your campaigns by understanding the motivations for using your product and the original source of acquisition

Every month, CleverTap supports over 4 Billion conversations across the globe. The ability to target your customers through the right channel with the right message at scale helps you to continuously provide customer value and build long-term customer relationships. Powerful acquisition insights coupled with a mobile marketing platform will enable marketers to build optimal data-driven growth strategies for that are guaranteed to drive the optimal ROI.
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Last updated on March 29, 2024