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Per user conversion events

Shivkumar M 20+ yrs shaping technology Product & GTM strategy. Fintech, healthcare & retail industry expertise. Leads product launches, adoption & GTM as Director, Product Marketing.
Per user conversion events

In CleverTap you can set a Conversion Event which is any event you use to measure success in your app. A Conversion Event may be set to measure the overall purpose of your app (the Charged Event for an eComm App selling goods) or it can be set to the critical step in a user journey (Registration Complete for an onboarding flow). You can view conversion stats in places like the Mobile App Dashboard and in your Campaign Statistics.
Historically, the Conversion Event was a Global Setting. Any user could set/change it and it would be changed for all users of your account.
Now we’ve made Conversion Event a per-user setting. Each user can change the Conversion Event for her own analysis without it impacting the Conversion Event setting for other users. So now the Product Managers analyzing the onboarding flow can perform analysis with a their own choice of conversion event (Registration Complete for example) and it won’t effect the Conversion Event set by one of the Marketers analyzing total transactions (with conversion event set to the Charged event).

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Last updated on April 5, 2024