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New APIs for Messaging and Analytics

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
New APIs for Messaging and Analytics

CleverTap provides a mix of different APIs that enable a client to have access to their data stored on CleverTap servers and send programmatic campaigns. Using CleverTap’s APIs, you have programmatic access and control over your own data. You can download and even upload events and user properties for your user-base, and also schedule campaigns for a specific segment.
With these APIs, you can :

  1. Upload events occurring outside CleverTap’s integrated environment
  2. Import updated values for variable custom user properties (such as customer types, ratings, etc)
  3. Download user data based on events and/or user properties
  4. Create scheduled mobile push and email campaigns based on events and user properties, and much more
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These APIs are powerful and solve a variety of use cases. But what if you have to incorporate your in-house analysis directly into CleverTap? To provide more control to our users for analytics and engagement, we are happy to announce two new APIs:

Notifications based on User Identity

Many times businesses maintain an internal list of users/segments based on domain specific metrics that they would like to briefly engage with for a special offer/event (e.g. special discount for ‘power users’ during Halloween). Historically, if you want to message these users with a programmatic campaign you would have to set a user property on each user profile. For example, whenever a user was added or dropped from the ‘power users’ list – you would have to set/overwrite a property identifying the users who are power users – then create a segment based on this user property.
We’ve greatly simplified this use case by adding ‘Notifications based on User Identity‘ API. This API allows you to target users directly based on their user identity. You can now reach out to your selected users directly, and at the same time enjoy the rich engagement channels and associated analytics that CleverTap provides. With this API, you can have different content with every notification, thus making the APIs application agnostic across different use-cases and events.
One of our customers from the travel and ticketing industry keeps updating their internal list of frequent flyer users. With such changes occurring on the ‘fly’ and with the increasing necessity to engage with these users in real-time; our client extensively uses this API to easily engage with this segment of frequent flyer users.
Notifications to Frequent Flyers
You can also add tags to a set of notifications that you send out using this API. For example, if you have multiple internal lists of users, then you can tag these sets of notifications with a different tag, and then further segment your analytics.

Counts API

A few of our clients requested us to expose an API that would deliver the counts for some of the most important metrics (for example metrics like daily/weekly/monthly event trends, top session sources or the most trending event properties). Some businesses like to have all their monitoring systems in one place and thus would require vital metrics from CleverTap to also be part of this ecosystem. To enable this use case, we have introduced the Counts API. This abstracts you from having to monitor stats on CleverTap’s Dashboard, but at the same time have access to our blazing fast analytics and engagement features.
The Counts API has many sub-sections to it: Events Count, Profiles Count, Real-time Stats Count, Top Property Counts and Trends Count. With such a diversity of counts,you can monitor and play around with all the stats you need.
Check out how to implement all our cool naked APIs here. If there are any other APIs you’d like us to build, do let us know!

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Posted on July 11, 2017