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Meet CleverTap at the Mobile Apps Unlocked Summit in Las Vegas!

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal Parekh, Senior Manager at CleverTap, has expertise in product, consumer, and digital marketing, with previous roles at Razorpay and Amazon.
Meet CleverTap at the Mobile Apps Unlocked Summit in Las Vegas!

Are you planning to attend the Mobile Apps Unlocked Summit in Las Vegas? We’re looking forward to our team’s third time at the biggest and best event in mobile in the US, and we hope to see you there.
On April 25-26, over 2000 mobile app leaders will come together at the MGM Grand for two full days of networking and learning. This event by is jam-packed with high quality content on topics ranging from ‘The Modern Mobile Marketing Stack’ to ‘App Re-Targeting in the Mobile Age.’
We’re thrilled to announce that two of CleverTap’s team members will be speaking at this prestigious event.
Our Chief Product Officer Paul Brody will be speaking on the ‘Practical Applications of Machine Learning and Automation for CRM’ panel contributing insights on how to tackle big data, machine learning, and automation within your CRM stack.
Paul Brody
Our VP of Growth and Partnerships Kara Dake will be moderating a panel on ‘Women in Product on Innovation’, where she will lead a future-looking conversation on the product world, including trends in mobile, IoT, voice, and more.
Kara Dake
At CleverTap, we’re harnessing the power of AI and ML (Machine Learning) to develop our world-class class mobile marketing platform, providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of combined analytics and user engagement solutions that is truly intelligent.
Our customers, including Vodafone – a telecom giant that operates in 26 countries with more than 469.7 million subscribers, use our platform to support their user engagement and retention needs. Here are some of the key features they are using to support their goals of running omnichannel campaigns, reducing uninstalls, increasing user retention and powering engagement:
Flows: Vodafone uses Flows to see where and how the users enter the app and what paths they take that lead to app installs or uninstalls. They then minimize the friction points and optimize the conversion paths that lead to customer success.

Cohorts: They use granular metrics to see if one segment of users re-charges and if only a small section of users returns over a period of time. This helps to measure app stickiness and the reaction to users on certain offers. They can then optimize our offers and build better marketing campaigns.
Uninstall Tracking: Since one of Vodafone’s KPIs is to measure app uninstalls, they use the out-of-the-box uninstall tracking feature to keep track of their uninstalls and churn rate. It also helps them to run targeted win-back campaigns and measure success in real-time.
Trends: Trends help the company to measure metrics on key campaign days – how, why and when the app launches peaked. Vodafone also looks at the hours and days when there has been a huge spike in re-charges or uninstalls. Also, the drill down of events allows them to break them down by user properties and get granular data points.
Pivots: The company is able to see which cities drive the most users to their app and what the visit patterns look like across the week. The day that is most likely to support transactions is selected and they send notifications on those days to optimally monetize their marketing campaigns around recharges, offers, etc. Additionally, they can actually exclude users who show certain patterns and only send messages to them based on their likelihood of re-performing that event.

These are a few key ways we are supporting our customers and we look forward to showing you even more opportunities to optimize your mobile growth plan!

Drop By Our Booth!

Come find us at booth #428 on the expo floor where you can learn more about CleverTap, win prizes like a $500 Amazon gift card, and experience our Augmented Reality activation!
We’re also excited to walk you through our latest and advanced features like:
Journeys: Build cross-channel campaigns that reach users on the right channel at the right time. It gives you complete control over your user’s end-to-end experience with your brand — from activation and engagement to churn and reinstall — so that you can craft an amazing user experience across the entire lifecycle. See how CleverTap Journeys provides a way for marketers to account for all possible user actions at every stage

AI/ML: AI and ML are actually the need of the hour and are encroaching on every part of the marketing ecosystem. The ability to predict the probability of revenue monetization gives marketers an opportunity to plan their budgets and campaigns and also drive the most predictable and optimal ROI. Read more on how machine learning turns out to be “The Future of Mobile Marketing”.
Also you can set up a time for a 1:1 with our experts to know more about the world’s most advanced mobile marketing platform.

Last updated on March 29, 2024