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If Knowledge is Power, Curiosity is the Catalyst 

Varsha Lakshman Varsha Lakshman is a data analytics expert with a strong engineering background, enhancing strategic decisions and innovation on the Success Ops team.
If Knowledge is Power, Curiosity is the Catalyst 

Varsha Lakshman, Manager Strategy and BizOps, believes in the magic of marketing that can change the course of a product or service. Let’s hear in her own words how — when curiosity and a zest to learn are provided with a perfect platform — it can lead to a whole new world of opportunities. As Jacob Dekker says: “Opportunities are everywhere. Learn to see and create them.”
Varsha Lakshman: In Her Own Words
I was born and brought up in Chennai. It was a very ordinary, but yet at the same time,  special childhood. My parents were extremely hard-working, and I was privileged to have a safe and happy childhood. I have always had diverse interests, and I love to learn and experiment with new things. 
I majored in Biology in my high school, then did Computer Science Engineering, followed by an MBA, and now I work in the strategy team at CleverTap.  I’m the kind of person who just cannot be stagnant, and I’ve been fortunate to have friends with similar personalities, which has given me the opportunity to explore my marketing skills in different sectors.
Dipping Into Entrepreneurship
In 2014, when I was pursuing my BTech from SRM University in Chennai, and social media wasn’t as important as it is now, I started a business with my friend — an online store for jewelry. We realized that marketing was at the core of every business. But back then, word of mouth was what helped us reach our target audience. That was when I was drawn to marketing and strategy as a concept and skill set. 
We named it Mad Chick Store.  Every engineering college has tech fests, and when we had one in our college, we were scrambling for sponsors, and then decided to sponsor the event at our college. For us back then, it was a big achievement. After graduation and joining the working world, we decided to stop our business since we didn’t have the  resources or the team to take it further.

Discovering CleverTap
When my friend referred me to CleverTap, the opportunity was exciting. CleverTap as a company offers retention and engagement solutions to people, and I thought this would have helped us so much a decade ago for our own business, if we had a digital presence.
Right now, I am working with the Strategy team which is again a new experience for me. Curiosity and communicating with clients from different sectors help gain an experience that all the theory and courses cannot give. Trends and learning, I believe can be maximized only through on-the-job learning. 
CleverTap is the first company of this scale that I am working for. Pre my MBA, I had worked only with bigger companies, but I have been keen to work with leaner teams since I have always believed that more close-knit, lean companies have a bigger impact.

I admire the culture and the working environment at CleverTap. Everyone has been so approachable and transparent, that it’s given a sense of empowerment. Also, my role is a part of the Strategy and BizOps team, where we have the opportunity to touch other people’s lives, and it’s been inspiring. My work experience here has only been encouraging and motivated me to give only my best. 
At CleverTap, when they say there is no hierarchy, they mean it. All ideas are heard, and there is an equal opportunity for everyone. The mutual respect for one another at all levels is amazing. With CleverTap, I hope to raise my learning and development to another level while contributing to the company with the best version of myself.
Let’s Work Together
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Last updated on August 28, 2023