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How Fast-Growing Fashion App Tripled New Activations Using CleverTap

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How Fast-Growing Fashion App Tripled New Activations Using CleverTap

I recently took some time to chat with Fernando Trueba Gris, CEO & Co-founder of California-based fashion app
What’s the phenomenon all about?
The app connects shoppers with a carefully curated selection of products from independent designers from all over the world. And it’s the first ever shopping app that both rewards users with cash back every time they purchase, and donates a percentage of every sale to support fashion incubator programs.
App Preview
Here, Fernando shares how CleverTap helps the team track, engage, and retain their fast-growing user base.
Sumitra: Thanks for chatting with me today, Fernando! I’d love to know what a day in the life of is like on CleverTap.
Fernando: Of course! I’d be glad to take you through my day on CleverTap.
The first thing I do is to take a look at the Today dashboard view on CleverTap.
I love how it gives me at-a-glance stats on what real-time activity is looking like today, in addition to showing me how my user base is growing. It’s very encouraging for startups like ours to see tangible growth.
To take stock of our daily, weekly, and monthly active and converting user counts, I head on over to the Mobile App dashboard.
The out-of-the-box view here with its pre-populated retention and conversion cohort reassures us that we have above-average daily and weekly retention rates, in addition to steadily-improving conversion rates.
Sumitra: That’s great to hear, Fernando. Not only are you gaining new users, you’re able to retain your existing user base. I’m curious to learn more about how CleverTap helps your app with retention.
Fernando: With an easy way to run event-triggered onboarding campaigns and campaigns catered to very specific segments, like men, women, and ‘luv’ers of specific brands, we were able to gradually grow our retention ever since we kickstarted our end-of-summer campaigns last month:
Retention has been steadily increasing in the past month
Our onboarding campaigns sent via CleverTap having been doing great.
One of our onboarding campaigns asking users to ‘luv’ products in their favorite brands raked in up to 20% click-through-rates!
Customer Testimonial
Sumitra: What are some of your other favorite daily-use analytics features on CleverTap?
Fernando: The Trends view quickly breaks down trends on crucial events we track, such as what kinds of products were luv’d, added to wishlists, and eventually purchased, and in what quantity.
With just a few clicks, this view effectively helps me understand how well our app is engaging our users, which brands and products are doing well, and which aren’t.
The Uninstall view is another important section I check daily to ensure that uninstall rates are as low as possible.
Lately, we’ve made a concentrated effort to keep up relevant and engaging fashion content on our app and uninstall campaigns run through CleverTap.
We’ve not only been able to maintain consistently low uninstall rates — we’re seeing new activations (including re-installing users) steadily increase.
New User Activation
Uninstall trends: Consistently low uninstall rates, accelerated new activation rate
Sumitra: I’m excited to hear we’ve been able to help keep your uninstall rates low and encourage re-installs. How did you accomplish this with CleverTap?
Fernando: With CleverTap’s easy capability to target users who uninstalled with an email survey, not only did we get meaningful feedback on why users uninstalled the app in the first place, we were also able to prioritize enhancements and offerings within our app based on this feedback to get some of these users to come back.
Sumitra: Do you have some examples of actionable insights that paved the way for the campaigns you’re running on CleverTap?
Fernando: We wanted a way to inform users about new arrivals from their favorite brands at the most opportune time. Using CleverTap’s event analysis and its sophisticated pivot tables, we were easily able to identify hot days and times when users were most likely to purchase.
We used this to time a recurring push campaign sent via CleverTap to nudge these users on new arrivals. We’ve seen great success, with all users who were sent the campaign going on to ‘luv’ products.
Using CleverTap’s smart funnels, we found that a good 10% of users who installed the app began to ‘luv’ products within minutes of installation. We found that this number improved dramatically with relevant and personalized welcome emails highlighting brands the user is likely to buy.
Sumitra: This is all phenomenal to hear. With your steady rate of user growth and solid retention rates, I have no doubts is going places in terms of capturing many fashion lovers’ hearts. I wish you all the best and am truly happy to know CleverTap has been an integral part of your journey. Thanks again for speaking to me!
Fernando: Sumitra, it was a pleasure speaking to you as well. At, our experience with CleverTap has been excellent and I look forward to continuing to grow leaps and bounds with CleverTap.

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Last updated on March 27, 2024