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Can’t-Miss Mobile Marketing Events for 2018

Can’t-Miss Mobile Marketing Events for 2018

Attending conferences is one of the best ways to keep your mobile marketing skills sharp. Stay up-to-speed on the latest industry trends. Learn innovative ideas from thought leaders in the field. Meet other mobile marketers. And have some fun learning new tricks of the trade!
Every year, thousands of marketing professionals gather to talk mobile growth, strategy and tactics. We’ve got all the details on the top mobile marketing conferences happening across the globe in 2018. Get your calendars ready!

North America

  • App Promotion Summit – NYC
    June 28, New York City
    App Promotion Summit

    APS brings top mobile leaders and growth marketers together for a one-day event. Executives from AMC Theaters, Walgreens, Hopper, and Foursquare will discuss the latest trends. And they’ll cover key topics like mobile analytics, product development, and mobile growth. A favorite among mobile marketers, 100% of 2017 attendees rated the event as “Excellent.”
    Don’t Miss: Engagement Panel, How to Engage and Retain App Users
    App retention is a major challenge. Get expert advice from the mobile marketers and product leaders at Foursquare, AccuWeather, AMC, and Zinio. Learn their proven strategies for boosting user retention and fueling growth and revenue.
  • Mobile Innovation Summit 2018
    December 6-7, San Francisco
    Mobile Innovation Summit 2018

    This event features keynote presentations and hands-on workshops on creating a mobile-first strategy. Learn expert tips for better consumer engagement and mobile advertising. An 80:20 ratio of industry leaders to major vendors makes this a lucrative event for mobile marketers.
    Don’t Miss: Keynote Speakers
    While the speaker list for this year is not yet confirmed, past events featured executives from Disney, Google, Twitter and eBay. The event format allows you to discuss case studies and network with senior industry leaders.
  • Mobile Connect
    June 11-13, San Diego
    Mobile Connect

    With two full days of content, the Mobile Connect conference is an invite-only event. Senior executives from top US brands share challenges and business solutions. Roundtable discussions, keynote presentations, workshops, and panel debates will address: Mobile Commerce & Marketing. One of the interesting roundtable topics is, “What role does your app play in the customer journey?” chaired by Steve Souza, VP of Technology – eCommerce, Education First.
    Don’t Miss: Your Chance to RSVP
    If you snag an invite, this summit offers a valuable opportunity to hold meaningful discussions with high-profile mobile marketers who share your challenges — and whose insights can make a real difference in your campaigns. This year’s attendees include top executives from companies like Amazon, Adidas, Best Buy, and Dell.
  • Mobile Next
    September 26-28, Rancho Mirage, CA
    Mobile Next

    Major retailers and top startups alike will gather to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in creating customer experiences across mobile and web. Key speakers for 2018 include executives from Walmart, Dominos, and Anheuser-Busch. This event also offers two parallel agendas, with more options to pick topics of interest to your app.
    Don’t Miss: Keynote, Moving Beyond Voice Assistants
    Have you thought of payments via voice? Or push notifications through voice? This keynote discusses the untapped potential of voice technology.


  • Digital Marketing, Malaysia
    May 30-31, Malaysia

    This event focuses on the latest digital marketing trends, like geotargeting, in-app chat, and more. Speakers include industry thought leaders who will share their strategies for achieving omnichannel excellence. Learn how to serve customers across channels and nudge them toward conversion.
    With Tiags, FoodPanda, and Trinity Group as exhibitors, it’s a perfect opportunity to network with and learn from the experts.
    Don’t Miss: Case Study, Double Down on Personalization
    Curious about using machine learning to personalize and automate message content and delivery? Learn how to add the right personal touch to your user communications. Plus, find out how to scale personalization to a large audience.
    Panel Discussion, The New Era of Digital Marketing and Data
    Leaders from FoodPanda, AirAsia, and Adzymi will cover the trends brands should adopt to stay ahead of the competition. They’ll also discuss the key metrics to track, and ways big data can transform your marketing.
  • Mobile World Congress
    June 27-30, Shanghai
    Mobile World Congress

    MWC is one of the largest mobile events in the world, with over 600 exhibitors, 60,000 attendees, and nearly 60 hours of content. Mobile thought leaders like Huawei CMO Dr. Peter Zhou and WithinLink CEO Bessie Lee will share their insights on key industry trends.
    Don’t Miss: Keynote Panel, Better Future for Society
    The digital revolution has shown many benefits for society. But it also poses significant challenges, like greater threats to data security, social inequality, and industry disruptions. This panel brings together five thought leaders to discuss these challenges and their efforts to build a better society.


  • eTail Europe
    June 19-21, London
    eTail Europe

    Since it launched in 1999, the eTail conference has been dedicated to retail industry growth. It’s now almost 2,000 attendees strong, attracting brands like Adidas, Nestle, Hermes, and Lego.
    The event helps e-commerce players learn insider tricks of the trade from luxury brands and digital champions. Learn how to achieve omnichannel and e-commerce excellence through the latest retail tech.
    Don’t Miss: Keynote panel, Omnichannel & Online Growth Tactics
    A cohesive experience on every marketing channel strengthens customer relationships with your brand. The speakers will share their tactics around growth, disruption, and omni-commerce strategies.
  • Digimarcon Europe 2018
    September 5-6, London
    Digimarcon London

    Digimarcon Europe is a thought leadership event on the most relevant topics in digital marketing. It focuses on customer loyalty, lead generation, sales, and consumer engagement. This conference showcases thought-provoking speakers from Hubspot, Moz, and Marketing Insider.
    This year’s event focuses on digital strategy, customer engagement, social media marketing, growth hacking, and much more.
    Don’t Miss: Inbound Marketing MasterClass by Steve Wiideman, CEO Wiideman Consulting Group
    Sharpen your inbound marketing skills with advanced strategies used by enterprise ecommerce brands. Learn tips and tricks to attract the right customers with timely, personalized content.
  • The Web Summit
    November 5-8, Lisbon
    The Web Summit

    As one of the largest tech conferences in the world, The Web Summit covers cutting-edge technologies and best practices. TWS attracts the world’s leading tech companies, including Reddit, Intel, Oracle, and Drivezy.
    Don’t Miss: World-Renown Speakers
    Their speaker lineup has always been a huge draw. Past speakers include Stephen Hawking, Al Gore, Reed Hastings, Michael Dell, Jack Dorsey, and other renowned names. Check out the entire list of speakers here.
  • App Promotion Summit
    December 6, Berlin
    App Promotion Summit Berlin

    APS Berlin is an action-packed one-day event. Marketing leaders come to discuss data-driven growth strategies, app monetization, and user retention. Brands like Applift, Remerge, Voluum, Liftoff, and App Samurai will be exhibitors, so don’t miss out on this event.
    Don’t Miss: Panel, How to Engage and Delight App Users
    The success of your engagement strategy depends on how well you understand your user base. This panel will dive into campaign strategies to help you retain acquired users, drive app engagement, and even win back lost users.

We’ll See You There!

The mobile marketing industry is growing leaps and bounds every year. Conferences are some of the best ways to keep up with the latest innovations and connect with the larger mobile marketing community.

Posted on May 18, 2018