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2018 Benchmarks for Travel Apps: Where Does Your App Stand?

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
2018 Benchmarks for Travel Apps: Where Does Your App Stand?

You sent out a weekend price drop notification on domestic flights to your users. The campaign got a 4.8% click-through rate — twice your daily average.
But is that a good click-through rate… or just good for you? What kinds of CTRs are your competitors and fellow travel apps seeing?
One of the biggest challenges mobile marketers face is measuring performance and results. In a world where the competitive landscape for mobile apps is changing constantly, its critical for marketers to benchmark their growth against industry standards.
We analyzed anonymous users who performed over 55 billion events across 1 billion devices in 2018 to understand what makes the fastest-growing travel apps succeed.
Our latest benchmark report lets you quantify where your app stands in the travel app industry by providing all the essential metrics for each stage of the user lifecycle.
Travel App User Lifecycle
Compare your app’s metrics to the industry standard, spot the areas that need your attention and get data-driven insights to improve conversions at every stage. Plus you’ll get unique insights into how many users transition to the next stage in the customer journey — and how long it typically takes.
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Let’s Look at Onboarded Users

Marketers need to monitor the opt-in rates of new users. These opt-in rates signify the percentage of users who have give permission to contact them on various channels like in-app, push, email, SMS, etc.
Here’s the industry benchmark for opt-in rates for Travel apps:
Opt-In Rates for Travel Apps
With this metric, you can understand how effective your app’s onboarding process is and what you can do to drive opt-ins.
Here are a few pointers to improve opt-in rates:

  • Welcome your new users with a personalized in-app message on their first launch
  • Promote opt-ins by conveying the value notifications can provide users
  • Understand when users are most active in your app to engage them at the right time

Transitioning from Onboarding to Engagement

How many of your new users are moving to the next stage? How long does it take them? And what’s the industry standard for this?
Engagement Rates for Travel Apps
By comparing how many new users advance to the engagement stage, and the time it takes, you can quickly spot any problem areas in the user journey.
Here are a few ways to optimize the user journey funnel from onboarding to engagement:

  • Send offers and coupons to first-time users via SMS
  • Use geolocation to send personalized recommendations based on region, language, timezone
  • Provide a seamless experience by using deep links to take users directly to the booking page

About-to-Churn Users

Churn represents the number of users who stop using your app within a given period. Here’s the industry benchmark for churn rates for Travel apps:
Churn Rates for Travel Apps
Users you’ve nurtured over time should be monitored closely to ensure they don’t churn. Identify early signs of potential uninstalls to proactively engage users and reduce the chances of them turning inactive.
Here are a few pointers to prevent churn:

  • Understand what most of your users do right before they uninstall your app
  • Use search history to send price drop alerts to users who are about to churn
  • Remind users of unexplored features or benefits of your app

Get the Complete Report

Download the full report to get all the essential data and metrics for every user lifecycle stage.
Armed with the latest data, you’ll be able to benchmark your app’s performance as well as get a deeper understanding of the current state of the travel app industry — and where it’s headed.

Industry Benchmark for Travel Apps

Industry Benchmark for Travel Apps

Measure how your app is performing against the best in the industry and benefit from our data-driven recommendations to drive growth and revenues.

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Last updated on March 4, 2024