Pivot Analysis

July 9, 2018

A pivot analysis is a data-exploration tool that summarizes your user data. It helps you make meaningful data visualizations.

What are Pivots & How Do They Help?

Pivots are a way to look at and analyze your data using specific filters.

Typically, marketers will analyze a campaign by looking at event counts and how these numbers trend over time. For example: you may want to look at the success of an email campaign by looking at the open rates or the click-through rates (event counts) and how these numbers trend as the campaign progresses.

Your analysis can be pivoted on any user property (e.g. all users who opened the email from mobile), demographics (e.g. UK users who opened the email), psychographics (e.g. users who opened the email who like shoes), session fields, and much more.

Pivot Analysis in CleverTap

In CleverTap, Pivots is a powerful data summarization tool that compares performance of a given event across all its properties over time. In other words, Pivots allows you to view all of your data in many different ways so you can find the insights you need.

One way Pivots can help: you can dive into a single event that is critical to your mobile app. In a familiar spreadsheet-like view, you can look at an event’s session properties, geographical properties, technographics, demographics, and custom properties to rapidly isolate a unique trend that may be difficult to pinpoint otherwise.

An example for an entertainment app: compare average revenue per movie across cities to analyze ticket revenue by geographic area.

How CleverTap Does Pivot Analysis

This 1:41 minute video explains CleverTap’s Pivots feature and how it allows mobile marketers to get at advanced data insights.

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