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Unveiling Signed Call™: The VoIP-Enabled In-App Channel for Contextual Customer Engagement

Sumantu Mittal Sumantu, VP of Product at CleverTap, brings 18+ years of expertise in cPaaS, SaaS, software development, telecom consulting, and solutions selling. As a founder of a 0-1 startup, he achieved a successful exit and is currently dedicated to building products at the 10-100 scale.
Unveiling Signed Call™: The VoIP-Enabled In-App Channel for Contextual Customer Engagement

Voice-based customer engagement plays a pivotal role in enhancing business interactions by fostering more engaging and personalized experiences. However, the current functionalities of Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) have limitations. Identifying incoming calls and their purpose remains a challenge, often resulting in preemptive labeling as “spam” by recipients. This results in poor user experiences due to the lack of context, leading to missed opportunities. 

In a recent PwC survey, 65% of consumers emphasized the importance of a positive brand experience over impressive advertising, highlighting the growing significance of Customer Experience (CX). To meet the evolving expectations of customers, businesses must identify critical pain-points throughout the customer journey, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and retention rates. 

Consider a scenario where an end-user receives multiple phone calls from an unknown number, unaware that her bank is trying to contact her to complete the KYC process. It’s not her fault for not trusting the caller, as there’s no straightforward way for the end-user to authenticate the legitimacy of the caller.

While CleverTap’s All-In-One Engagement Platform has been a pioneer in providing diverse communication channels such as email, web messaging, push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, a Secure, Contextual and Trusted Voice Channel was missing—until now. 

Introducing Signed Call™ – Immersing ‘Voice’ with Contextual Depth

Putting our customers at the forefront of our product innovations, we’re thrilled to introduce Signed Call™- an industry-first, VoIP-enabled in-app voice channel that empowers CleverTap customers with a contextual and trusted means of communicating with their end-users.

Signed CallTM allows end-users to see your brand name, logo and context of the call

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Signed Call™ offers a seamless, no-code solution that effortlessly integrates, enabling you to connect with your users through a real-time channel that is both unique and compliant, fostering heightened engagement.

It Earns Trust

Signed Call™ empowers you to interact with your users using voice as a channel, without leaving the app, eliminating the need for users to disclose their phone numbers. This not only safeguards against spam labeling but also enables contextual and personalized experiences that your users can totally trust.

It’s Easy to Implement

To streamline the implementation process, Signed Call™ comes with pre-built screens for incoming, ongoing, and outgoing calls, along with built-in use cases. This ensures minimal development effort and a quicker realization of its value. 

It Increases Reach 

Branding possibilities with Signed Call™ offer enhanced trust and increased call success rates. With Signed Call™, brands have the ability to personalize the in-app call screen by adding the brand name, logo, as well as providing context for the call. This provides the end-user with the requisite context, enhancing the call pick-up rates. 

It’s Cost-Conscious

Furthermore, it delivers superior voice quality and latency rates without the additional expenditure typically associated with PSTN voice services.

It’s Measurable

Just like other CleverTap channels, we’ve prioritized accessibility to real-time metrics for voice engagements, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and enhance conversion rates in real-time.

And It’s already Performing

The success of Signed Call™ has become evident among a select group of our customers who participated in the Early Access Program. During this phase, notable improvements were observed in call answer rates and engagement levels. The Head of Product at a leading job search portal using Signed Call™ remarked, “Our customers are recruiting firms who previously would call candidates on their mobiles, with answer rates around 10-15%. Candidates were slow to act as they weren’t sure if the call was actually from the company they applied for. But since integrating Signed Call™, answer-rates even during periods of low-hiring have been at 33% while peak season has seen this figure climb to as high as 52%; 3 to 4 times higher than before.”

Signed Call™ Use Cases

Excited? Let’s explore some use cases for Signed Call within your vertical. 

Ride Hailing


A customer has just booked a ride and needs to share their location with the driver. Due to privacy concerns, the customer prefers not to disclose their contact number, seeking a secure mode of communication with the driver.


Enter Signed Call’s innovative call masking feature, offering the customer a contextual, and trusted in-app voice channel that alleviates the customer’s privacy concerns while enhancing overall trust.

Food Delivery


Consider a scenario where a grocery delivery person is unable to find a customer’s address, causing a delay. Attempting to resolve the issue, the delivery person makes a call, but the customer dismisses it, assuming it’s spam.


Signed Call™ pre defines the call context, displaying it on call screens, ultimately boosting the likelihood of successful calls. With an authentication layer on the call screen, it verifies the legitimacy of the caller (in this case, the delivery person), addressing authenticity concerns and improving communication efficiency.



A customer needs help with a bank account query but is unsure where to call and hesitates  to share their personal phone number for privacy reasons.


Signed Call™ offers an in-app callback option, streamlining the process and providing a quicker resolution without requiring the customer to explain the call’s context. This not only speeds up assistance but also enhances privacy, as the customer is not obligated to disclose their phone number.

Across every industry, the potential applications of Signed Call are limitless. Yet, the outcome remains consistent: fostering contextual and trusted communication with your users through voice, and one that is cost effective.

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Last updated on February 14, 2024