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Triggered messaging based on user activity

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Triggered messaging based on user activity

Messaging your users at some arbitrary date or time  rarely leads to a compelling experience. That’s why we let you send messages in context, based on a user’s activity in your app. You can trigger messages relative to when a user performs an action, or when they complete one action but NOT a subsequent one (inaction).

Take for example the classic shopping cart abandonment scenario. If a user adds an item to cart but doesn’t purchase it within a short duration (15 minutes or less) they likely never will. The (mobile) moment has passed.

A good engagement strategy would be to message that user before that 15 minute window passes to offer encouragement or an incentive to complete the purchase.

 Cart Abandonment

To do this in CleverTap, just go to Campaigns and set up either a Push or Email Campaign. Trigger your notifications on either a User Action (when a user completes a specified activity) or a User Inaction (when a user completes one activity but not a subsequent one). You can then specify which activity (User Event) to trigger the notification off of as well as when to send the notification relative to that event (immediately, 15 minutes after, etc).

Action Inaction

Once you set up a triggered campaigns it can run indefinitely. Each time any user qualifies for the campaign (user added to cart and did not buy within 15 min) they’ll receive a notification at just the right moment.

Check out the how-to video below and give it a try.

Posted on February 15, 2016