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The Joy and Value of New Adventures by Dilan Bhatia

The Joy and Value of New Adventures by Dilan Bhatia

Our Account Executive, Sales, in Dubai, shares her journey and encourages each one out there to step out and explore life’s many possibilities. She encourages you to take that first step confidently and enjoy what life has to offer with belief, confidence, and courage.

A Passage to India

I am someone who loves challenges and wants to do something different with my life. I graduated from a university in Istanbul and had a career path that would take me to Germany or Europe, like most of my fellow students. In the last year of university, when we had to decide what to pursue next, I did some research and found a new graduate exchange program where you could look for internships in different countries. One country that was included was India. I wanted to explore India as I saw it as an opportunity to get some work experience as well as an opportunity to grow personally and explore a new culture. 

10 years ago, on the day I completed my graduation, I had a one-way ticket to India. My trip definitely held a deeper significance—it was more than just a work experience. I saw this trip as the beginning of my journey to discover myself. It was remarkable and eye-opening and it did indeed help me to connect with myself in different ways. 

It was through this experience that I learned about the alternate, beautiful life that exists beyond the confines of what I knew. My experiences were enriching and genuine, and they provided me with a sense of freedom that I came to love. Prior to that, I had constructed barriers that held me back from taking risks and being more open to new experiences. In other words, I wasn’t living my life to the fullest.

Regardless of my work, career aspirations, financial gains, and responsibilities, my personal growth and development were the most impacted parts of my life. The key is to liberate oneself from any self-imposed barriers. There is an entire world out there for you to discover, and you can discover it if you overcome whatever hurdles you’ve set for yourself and allow yourself this opportunity to learn, explore, and grow.

My Experience With India

I got opportunities to work in Bangalore and Mumbai at major software companies. When I initially arrived in India, I felt both excited and overwhelmed. Everything was so new and different: the environment, the culture, the food, and even the way people communicate. Adapting to this unfamiliar setting was a challenge, but I realized I had a choice to make.

I could either constantly complain about the difficulties or I could embrace the situation and find joy in the experience. I opted for the latter, choosing to step out of my comfort zone. This decision led to a shift in my perspective on life. Once I started to accept and immerse myself in my surroundings, I gained a newfound appreciation for the present.

India had so much to offer that I never expected. Not only did I gain great work experience, but I also encountered numerous learning opportunities. I had incredible experiences, did a lot of travel, made tons of friends from different nationalities, and made many lifetime memories. I discovered a passion for travel, travelled to over 50 countries, found my life partner, and became part of a big, loving family. 

Looking back on my five years in India, I am filled with gratitude for the journey and the experiences it brought. My time there taught me the power of embracing change and finding contentment outside of familiar boundaries.

My Journey With CleverTap

I was working in Istanbul and was handling only specific markets for CleverTap. Then, I came across an opportunity within the company to move to Dubai and work there. The career growth that I’ve been offered is amazing. There is a great support system here, where good work is seen and appreciated. And the growth curve that I have seen here professionally and personally is a testament to the company and its culture. 

Over more than two years, CleverTap has brought me opportunities that helped me explore and grow everyday, and for that I have a lot of gratitude.

My Mantra

We need to get out of our comfort zone to make a better version of ourselves. There are two paths that you can take in life. There’s an easy path and a difficult path that may be full of obstacles and threats — but it is this path that will lead you to success in the end. When I made the decision to move to India, my family was shocked, and I didn’t have a lot of support. But I was ready to push through my boundaries and accept whatever came my way. 

Today I can proudly say, you can only grow, transform, and change when you take that first step. Like Albert Einstein says, “A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.”

Let’s Work Together

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Last updated on March 29, 2024