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Targeting Campaigns on Cumulative User Activity

Targeting Campaigns on Cumulative User Activity

Segmenting your audience is all about grouping users based on the behaviors they perform in your app or website.

One of the fundamental building blocks of segmentation is the ability to “Count” how many events (or combined series of events) a user performs in a given timeframe.

In CleverTap you’ve always been able to create such segment as:

  • Show me my users who launched my app frequently this month and made at least one purchase in the last 5 days.

sum of 1

Here we use the Count Event operator to group the users with at least 7 app launches this month and at least 1 purchase.

To complement this operator, we’ve just introduced a Sum Event Property operator which sums the numeric values for an event property across all the event’s instances.

Sum of 2

Take for example a streaming media company. As a marketer or product manager you’re interested in maximizing the total amount of media your users consume.  You’ll track this stat with our new Sum Event Property operator:

  • Show me all my new users who have Watched greater than 10 hours of comedy videos in their first 30 days.

The event – Watched Video – has an Event Property which captures the user’s watch time for that session. So if the user started watching a 60 minute video and they stop it after 23 minutes, then 23 minutes will be recorded in the Event Property.

The Sum Event Property operator will sum this property every time he or she watches a film.

Since CleverTap combines Analytics and Engagement in one solution, you can target this segment with timely, personalized messaging.

  • Deliver a Push Notification Campaign to all my power users who have Watched greater than 20 hours of video in the past 3 months
  • Deliver an email campaign to my least-engaged users – those who have watched less than 1 total hour of video in the past month

The power of the Sum Event Property operator extends beyond just the media landscape. Take for instance an eCommerce or other transactional App. I can now segment and target:

  • Users who have purchased at least $200 across all product categories in the past 90 days
  • Users who have Favorited, Saved or Added to Cart items with a cumulative value greater than $100.

Sum of 3

  • Go check it out in your Dashboard and let us know what you think!

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Last updated on February 28, 2019