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CTzen Stories: Pavithra Kopuri – Take Those Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

CTzen Stories: Pavithra Kopuri – Take Those Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

Everyone has a story waiting to be heard. We’re highlighting some of the amazing stories from within CleverTap — from our very own CT’zens — because we believe in the amazing people we work with everyday and want to share the exciting work culture that we’ve built together. Presenting: the CT’zens of CleverTap.

Pavithra Kopuri: In Her Own Words

Having a safe childhood is essential, but not everyone is so lucky. My parents decided to separate when I was just in my Lower Kindergarten class (LKG), and I began staying in a hostel at that age. All my childhood was spent in hostels, as a paying guest, and I used to visit my mother only on holidays or occasions. My father refused to support me, and my mother was struggling to make a living. So I don’t remember playing with toys or friends — or for that matter even enjoying any of the basic pleasures that every child deserves.

“Hard Work and a Good Job”

I pursued my studies in government-aided schools, got free scholarships, and decided to pursue engineering since I was very ambitious. I studied in a basic government-aided engineering college in India. I worked extremely hard, believing hard work and a good job would pave the way to a better future. 
Our college was not at all well known. We had a few companies visiting our college for campus interviews, and I cracked an interview and secured a job. I was thrilled but my joy was fleeting. We soon found out that the whole company setup was fake, which does happen a lot of times in the smaller colleges. I was devastated but decided to move on. 
I was extremely passionate about hardware in the early days and loved experimenting. I went to the city and started scouting for jobs in the same field. After days of searching, I found a job in the field I love, but they were only paying me around Rupees four thousand (INR 4000) per month as a salary which didn’t even cover my basic hostel fee. I decided to tutor students on the weekends and survived. 

New Opportunities With CleverTap

I worked in this company for a year and learned whatever I could. I could have continued but the company stopped releasing products and refused to give me a performance appraisal. So I decided to try my luck in the software industry and got a job in software testing. I did this for the next two and a half years but the work wasn’t exciting to me. For me, learning something every day was important, and I began losing interest as the job became increasingly monotonous. 
I then took a new job but struggled a lot in that company. Finally, even though I didn’t have a job, I resigned. Again, I began looking for opportunities on Linkedin, and that’s when I came across CleverTap. I have been working at CleverTap for two and a half years, and it’s been the most satisfying experience I’ve had. 
CleverTap has given me all that I ever expected from a job. I have been offered multiple opportunities and a vast spectrum of exposure, and the encouragement, as well as support from the team, has been amazing. I approached CleverTap for the position of Technical Account Manager, but my communication skills were weak. I was offered a role in the support team in the Customer Success function. I took it positively because I had the hunger to learn. 

Struggles, Perseverance, and Promotions

I joined CleverTap in 2019 during Diwali and received a Diwali gift. It may be a norm for the rest, but the gesture was so special to me. I adapted immediately and was assigned a role within ten days of joining. Just as I started getting a handle on the work, the lockdown began four months after my hiring. That’s when the struggles began because the whole concept was new and everyone was busy adapting to it. Although petrified, I decided to begin learning things on my own. I began working on my queries and finding solutions to them.
I put in all I had and soon began managing my work efficiently. Within four months, I was offered a junior role in the Technical Account Management (TAM ) team. I was thrilled because that’s the team that I had approached initially. I assumed I would probably be working in the support role of the Customer Success team for two years, prove myself, and then request to be moved into the TAM. But when I was offered the same within 7 months, I jumped with joy. I accepted the position immediately and loved the work that I was doing. 
This was in July 2020, and in January 2021, I was offered a promotion that I assumed would take at least a year. I began handling onboardings and medium accounts pan India. After another six months, I got an opportunity to handle the accounts in Europe as well. In January, I was promoted to a senior position in TAM and am currently handling onboarding in the capacity of Senior Onboarding Manager. I have been able to handle a vast profile because of the amazing professional support I receive at CleverTap at all levels.

Fulfilling One of My Dreams

The biggest achievement in my personal life which I would credit to CleverTap is that I have been able to buy my own house! Having spent my entire childhood in the hostel or as a paying guest, buying a  house was always my dream. I have seen my mother continually struggle, and being able to now give her a roof is a big achievement for me. 
My many difficult circumstances drove me to depression and I certainly had my weak moments, but five years ago I was blessed with a life partner who became my support system. With so much support and love personally and professionally, all I can say is, “We all need to remember, that our wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”

Let’s Work Together

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Posted on July 5, 2022