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Setting DND & Cut-Off Times for Campaigns

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Setting DND & Cut-Off Times for Campaigns

Engaging your users with messaging is one of the most effective ways to drive increased adoption, retention and conversions for apps. But sometimes you don’t want your notifications to arrive at an unnatural time – like 2:00am when you users are fast asleep.
Setting DND (Do Not Disturb) hours
Now you can set DND hours for any one-time or triggered campaign.
When DND is active, CleverTap will not deliver messages from a campaign during the specified hours. Choose to discard messages not delivered during the DND hours or delay their delivery until after the window.
Using DND with One-Time Campaigns
Let’s say you’ve set up a one-time campaign to deliver a notification announcing an upcoming live event (a concert starting in a couple of hours, or an offer that will expire at 8:00pm). You schedule the campaign to run at 7pm. Normally such a campaign will complete over the course of a few minutes, even if your target audience is hundreds of thousands or even millions of users.
However, you may decide to throttle the delivery of messages because, for example, you don’t want the entire targeted list to attempt to redeem an offer at the same time. CleverTap provides a convenient way to throttle campaign delivery by setting a delivery rate for your campaign.
But by rate limiting the delivery of the campaign, some users may now receive messages late in the evening. Here’s where DND comes in:
—> Set your DND hours to 10pm to 6am (or whatever you choose)
—> DND will prevent any message from being delivered during this window
You can choose to discard these undelivered messages or hold them to be delivered after the DND hours are over. In this example, you’ll probably discard the messages since the offer expires at 8pm and you don’t want users receiving stale notifications.
Using DND with Triggered Campaigns
DND works identically for triggered campaigns. Let’s say you want to create a campaign using a Live User Segment for Inaction within a Time.
You want to send a notification to everyone who has listened to a track but within 3 hours have never created a playlist.
If the user listens to a track at 10pm, this campaign would send a notification at 2am. Again DND to the rescue.
→ Set your DND hours (11pm to 8am)
In this example you’ll probably choose to delay delivery of the message until after the DND hours since this message is not perishable.
Cut-off times for Campaigns for One-Time Campaigns
Sometimes if a message doesn’t arrive on time, you don’t want to send it at all. Setting a Campaign Cut-off time ensures that a message that may arrive too late is not delivered.
Campaign Cut-off times apply only to One-Time Campaigns and are great for campaigns scheduled around such things as sporting events with specific begin/end times.
You may choose to start a campaign at 2:00pm yet want to ensure that by 3:00pm any undelivered messages are no longer sent (because the event is over).
Set your Campaign Cut-off Time to 3:00pm and we’ll ensure nothing gets delivered.


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Last updated on March 12, 2024