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Increase Push Deliverability to 80% for Opted-In Users

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at CleverTap, excels in B2B strategy, market planning, and product launches. Proven success at Razorpay and Amazon.
Increase Push Deliverability to 80% for Opted-In Users

Push notifications play a key role in engaging customers and driving them to convert. But alongside the rise of push notification adoption, the deliverability of these notifications has decreased significantly. 
There are many factors that inhibit users from receiving push notifications. According to our own data, only 35% of push notifications sent are actually delivered to users.
Why? 40% of users don’t receive notifications because they have opted out of receiving them. And a full 25% who have opted in aren’t receiving push notifications due to: 

  • Connectivity: The user may be disconnected from push notification services and the notification expires before reaching the user
  • Device: The user’s device might restrict an app’s ability to send notifications
  • Location: Commonly used push notification services aren’t available in specific regions
  • Inactivity: The user isn’t active on the last device they used 

We continue to innovate and provide our clients with effective solutions that enhance push notification deliverability. CleverTap offers powerful solutions that enable marketers to reach users on all devices and enhance delivery to Chinese OEM devices. With our push solutions, brands can reach the maximum number of users who have agreed to receive your push notifications.
Let’s look at how our push solutions impact opted-in user deliverability.

Base deliverability refers to push notification deliverability without using CleverTap’s push solutions. Based on our experience with global brands, 58% is the average deliverability for opted-in users across regions and industries where the share of Chinese OEM device ownership for the entire user base ranges from 30-70%.
If you look only at opted-in users, the graph above shows how businesses are able to increase the delivery of push notifications from 58% to 83% for the users who have opted in to receive your notifications.
The increase in reachability is due to the ability to send a push notification to a user on all their devices, instead of just their last active device, and additional push capabilities to reach users with Chinese OEM devices.
Say you’re sending 1M push notifications, out of which 600K users have opted-in to receive your notifications. With standard push deliverability, only 350K users are receiving your push notifications. By enabling our push notification deliverability solutions, you can now reach over 500K users.

Increase in Push Notification Reach

Enhanced Push Delivery

By enabling Enhanced Push Notifications, our clients have seen a 10% uplift in push notification deliverability to opted-in users.
How does it work?
Our Enhanced Push Delivery retries sending push notifications using an alternate mechanism in case these notifications aren’t delivered via regular push services.

Send to All Active Devices

Today, a user is on multiple devices every day. A typical US household now owns an average of 11 connected devices, including 7 with screens (e.g., smartphones or TVs).* Campaign engagement is less effective if a user only receives the notification on one device when they may currently be active on a different device.
CleverTap allows brands to send push notifications to all active devices linked to the user with the app installed. Marketers have the option to send notifications to all active devices or only the last active device from which the user logged in. If a brand uses the “send notification to all devices” functionality, it increases the reachability of push notifications by 8% for opted-in users and improves the chances of a user receiving and engaging with a message. 
The feature is especially important for time-sensitive campaigns, common for media streaming and live events. For example, sending score updates on all active devices while a game is streaming live. 

Enhanced Deliverability to Chinese OEM Devices

Many Chinese OEM devices terminate apps running in the background and limit an app’s ability to send push notifications in order to optimize battery life. Chinese OEMs have poor delivery rates of ~20% in the case of recently used apps. This decreases to as low as 10% when the app has been used less frequently
To address this issue, our platform offers three solutions that are known to boost delivery rates for push notifications: 

  • Xiaomi and Huawei Push Services Support
  • Baidu Push

These solutions have led to a an increase in push notification delivery rate for our customers. 
This is critical for regions where Chinese OEMs dominate the smartphone market such as India where Chinese OEMs account for 60%* market share. 

Xiaomi and Huawei Push Services Support

CleverTap can send push notifications powered by Xiaomi Push and Huawei Push, which leads to a 7% uplift in overall push notification deliverability for opted-in users. These solutions overcome the limitations with Xiaomi and Huawei devices. 
How does it work?
For a greater chance of delivery success for all Chinese OEM devices, a push notification will be sent through both Xiaomi Push, Huawei Push, and Firebase Cloud Messaging push services. 
If a message is delivered through one of these push services, it is not sent via the alternate push service — a user will only receive the push notification once. This feature addresses an issue with Chinese OEM devices, regardless of location.

Baidu Push

Our platform also supports Baidu Push, which enables brands to target users in China where Google FCM isn’t available.

Maximize The Impact Of Your Push Campaigns

Push notifications are a great way to connect with your customers and increase app engagement without any additional ad spend. 
These new push notification deliverability solutions allow brands to make the most of their push campaigns by ensuring they are received by all interested users at the right time and on the right device. 
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Last updated on April 4, 2024