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Keep Learning and Rising

Keep Learning and Rising

Our very own Annanda Cunha, Customer Success Manager, shares her insights on  taking up challenges, and encourages us to not be scared of failures and instead use them as stepping stones towards success.

The Countryside and Spreading Happiness

I was born in the countryside where I lived with my parents and my older sibling. Growing up in the countryside, I became independent and hard-working. I loved reading and studying. 

I wasn’t very adventurous; instead I loved studying and learning new things. My mother loved people and was an amazing host. She brought people together for celebrations and believed in spreading happiness. Eventually, I began to enjoy doing these things as well.

Until recently, I had no background in technology —I didn’t even have a computer at my house. Then, around five years ago, I was given an opportunity to interact with customers, which got me interested in customer service. 

Customer Success Chose Me

I initially began working in restaurants, then accounting, and now Customer Success. 

In my first job, I didn’t have a manager to guide me, so I began learning on my own and exploring things. After five months, they hired me officially. I then began looking at how to enhance customer experiences. I studied more, developed my knowledge, and worked with the team. Implementing these suggestions was an amazing experience. So, Customer Service chose me. I loved helping people and it turned into my career as well.

Eventually, I moved on to a bigger company, but I didn’t know how to speak English. The company encouraged me to learn English and thus began my journey into learning a different language. We were then acquired by another company. During this time, my mother lost her job, and the company helped pay my bills which was an extraordinary thing. 

Turning Challenges Into Wins

Trying to teach myself things on my own was a challenge. From learning a new language and learning my job from scratch, there came a lot of challenges. But I also felt ready for even bigger challenges and moved on to a bigger company. 

Then, I broke a toe and was on a break. That’s when I got an offer from CleverTap, which has provided a new set of opportunities for learning and growth.

The CleverTap Adventure

CleverTap has been such a fulfilling experience. People have been so helpful, and my teammates are amazing. I now have some solid professional plans and goals, and this job has helped me come out of my comfort zone. I’ve never been comfortable in the spotlight but recently I’ve been encouraged to make some videos and speak about our product, and soon I may represent CleverTap at a bigger event.

I feel that all experiences ultimately add value and are interconnected in some way. The process remains the same of finding solutions to problems. I have realized I love people and I am good at working with customers, and that customer success may be my true calling. My job makes me happy and provides genuine satisfaction, and I love this combination of technology and customer care. I intend to continue learning and have begun learning more about mobile apps and mobile marketing. 

Be Willing to Fall and Rise

Failure isn’t failure – it’s a step toward success. I have failed at many things. But what kept me going were the opportunities to learn something new. And so I always try to stay curious, keep learning, and keep growing.

Let’s Work Together

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Posted on November 1, 2023