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It’s Never Too Late to Learn! 

It’s Never Too Late to Learn! 

With the competitive environment that we thrive in, adapting to change is the best gift we can give ourselves. Our very own Amrita Vazirani, Senior Technical Writer with the product delivery team shares her journey with us in her own words.

Discovering My Passion For Writing

I completed my engineering degree in 2010 and began writing academic content for a small startup. I didn’t get placed through my college placements but the silver lining was my discovery of my love for writing. As I fell in love with the writing process, I realized I could have a future in it. I created content for different entrance exams. After working at the startup for three years, I took a job with a publishing house. My profile included editing and reviewing content and giving feedback.

Adaptation Is the Key to Success

As I began to further explore the opportunities in professional writing, I decided to pursue technical writing. With five years experience in academic writing, I began learning how to write about hardware and software. At work, I learned from my colleagues and on my own. I explored different projects that involved going through technical documents, creating storyboards, and videos. It gave me an opportunity to learn and enhance my skills. I joined professional communities and groups that helped me to explore the full range of technical writing. My motto has always been: If you are not learning, you are not growing. 

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

We should never give up too easily and take up every challenge that comes our way. This is because no experience ever goes to waste. Every experience teaches you something, and you never know where it may be of help in life and in your career. In my first job at a startup, I was laid off due to lack of funding and  given a very short notice period. I was disappointed but didn’t give up. I continued to adapt, and I truly believe as long as we are learning, we are moving closer to success.

Journey With CleverTap 

I joined CleverTap and will complete two years this August. I’m grateful that hard work is always acknowledged here. When I joined, I was an amateur with respect to product knowledge. We didn’t have a structured onboarding process back then, but I picked up the pace and my team has been an amazing support. I have received a lot of mentoring from my teammates, which motivates me to excel at my work, and I’m so thankful to have that support.

My Motto

I need to keep learning and never stop. And as the field that I have chosen is a combination of technology and writing, which keeps changing and evolving rapidly, there is always so much to learn. I love what I’m doing and am extremely passionate about my work. If there’s one message I would like to put out there, it would be: “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

Let’s Work Together

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Last updated on August 28, 2023