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If I Believe in Something, I Sell It, by Jezreel Teng

Jezreel Teng Having been in tech for over a decade, Jezreel works with marketing and growth teams at Enterprises to delight users through analysis, advanced segmentation, and personalized omni-channel engagement.
If I Believe in Something, I Sell It, by Jezreel Teng

Sales is leadership, and leadership is a form of sales as well. Our very own Jezreel Teng, Senior Account Executive on the SEA Sales Team based in our Singapore office, talks about his journey in tech sales and his love for India. And he shares a message for all of us.

How It All Started

Growing up, I came up from a humble background. My father worked in a bank, and my mother was a clerk. My brother-in-law was into the traditional business of printing t-shirts. The fifteen-year-old me loved learning new things from him and he became a major influence on me. I loved selling things, and I tried starting my own business but it wasn’t scalable. But I realized that selling was my strength and decided to explore it further as a career. 

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, tech sales had yet to gain steam. But my experience with tech sales was amazing. I was enthralled by a profession in which the emphasis was more on performance rather than hierarchy or rank. I just knew that this is what I loved doing and that I would be connected to the industry forever. And indeed, after starting in tech sales, I’ve never looked back. I love chasing targets, and the challenge keeps me motivated. The variable component is a driving force for me, and I love working under pressure and delivering the best that I can in demanding circumstances.

Experience at CleverTap

During COVID, a lot of people lost their jobs. The startup I was working for laid off people as well, and I was unfortunately one of them. 

A lot of companies began emphasizing mobile applications, and that is one of the primary strengths of CleverTap. As a philosophy, I love selling something that adds genuine value to the customer, and therefore CleverTap fit right into this ambition, with a solid line of products and services supporting mobile apps.

I had worked with Indian colleagues, customers and prospects in my previous jobs, and I loved my experiences in the country. I loved working from home, and even after COVID when things began opening up, CleverTap offered me flexibility. 

At CleverTap, we do not believe in micro-management but give our people the liberty to use their expertise to achieve their targets. Some sales companies can be very demanding and unwavering, and I really appreciate the trust and opportunities that I have been offered at CleverTap.

The bond amongst our team is strong. And while we love competition, it’s a healthy kind that often encourages us to excel. The amount of empathy and professional support is huge, and I am immensely grateful for it. 

My first visit to CleverTap’s Mumbai office was a very memorable one. Even though it wasn’t even a planned visit, we were amazed by the incredible hospitality and thoughtful gifts that were offered to us. The personalized touch and effort was a demonstration of how much they care about their employees.

What Helps Me Deal With Pressure?

I feel we should have realistic goals. Professionally, CleverTap has the right technology and support in place, which makes it easy to do the job and excel. And we also need to have balance and take time off when required. I am very passionate about my work in sales and the sales process. You follow it, and then there is the waiting time, where the ball is in the customer’s court. So, you accept the process, acknowledge it, and wait for the hard work to pay off, knowing that you have given your best.

What I Believe In

I love this quote by Robert Collier: “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” 

Sales may seem an easy way to advance, with fancy incentives and perks, but honestly sales is a process that involves small steps every day that need to be worked at consistently. In the end, the results give me immense satisfaction. My job also gives me the exposure to work with many wonderful people and different companies, every day. Overall, a role in sales can be an incredibly enriching experience, if one is willing to give their best every single time. Which is what I try to do, every day.

Let’s Work Together

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Last updated on March 29, 2024