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Empathy at Scale: How Our Customers Are Connecting With Their Users [Video Series]

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal Parekh, Senior Manager at CleverTap, has expertise in product, consumer, and digital marketing, with previous roles at Razorpay and Amazon.
Empathy at Scale: How Our Customers Are Connecting With Their Users [Video Series]

Experts suggest that the key to great marketing efforts is empathy. It doesn’t just enhance marketing content, it also helps brands connect with their audience on an emotional level.
This is of great importance particularly during this global health crisis, when purely opportunistic marketing will be called out and mercilessly lambasted on social media. This is the time to strengthen relationships with your users and make them feel connected to your brand — and this can only happen with empathy.
We’re immensely proud to be working with brands that are setting an example for others by going the extra mile for their own customers. We interviewed seven of them to try to understand how they are staying agile in this climate and how empathy is helping them connect with their mobile app users.


PharmEasy is one of India’s top online pharmacy and health care platforms. You can purchase medicines online by connecting to a registered retail pharmacy and getting medicines delivered to your doorstep.
We spoke with Dhani Savla, Sr. Manager of Customer Retention, to understand the initiatives the company is taking to help their community.
Dhani said they wanted to do something special for frontline medical personnel because: “While we stay indoors, there are doctors, nurses, and hospital staff members who are silently, relentlessly working round the clock on the frontline against the COVID-19 outbreak. They’re risking their lives each day.”

PharmEasy is running an initiative called “Donate a Mask” where every time a user purchases an N95 mask from their platform, one mask is donated to the healthcare professionals by PharmEasy. With this program, the company is ensuring that our heroes stay safe and are mobilizing their own customers to help out. It’s a great example of a community coming together to do something good.


DocsApp is a 24×7 digital healthcare platform that connects patients to specialist doctors through video chat and voice call. Touching more than 10 million lives, they have logged more than 3 million online doctor consultations in the last financial year.
We interviewed Ashish Bajaj, Head of Marketing,, to get in-depth insights about the numerous efforts the company is undertaking for consumers and their employees.

To help out with this crisis, DocsApp has set up a helpline specifically for elderly patients, where people aged 60 and above can call for a free consultation. Plus, they’ve set up a medical department on their platform solely dedicated to COVID-19, where coronavirus-related consultations are provided to all customers free of cost. The company even gave premium DocsApp Gold Subscriptions to employees and their dependents as a way to look out for their team.


HealthifyMe is a digital health platform that provides fitness services such as calorie tracking, workout coaching, and diet plans. The app takes a gamified approach to keep users engaged and motivated.
We talked with Anjan Umamaheswaran Bhojarajan, VP Growth and Head of Product, to learn about some app updates and optimizations that are being done to support users and help them get through this period.

In addition to their existing diet and health tracking features, the app now also provides immunity assessment and hand washing reminders for users — both of which are critical during this time.


Gradeup is India’s largest exam preparation destination, loved by millions of students. Through their website and app, they help more than 11 million registered students prepare for various exams and achieve better test scores.
We talked with Ankit Gautam, Associate Vice President Marketing. Their app Goprep continues to ensure that students’ learning is uninterrupted despite COVID-19.

Ankit shared the work they’ve been doing for their #PadhaiNahiRukegi campaign. This project caters to the education needs of students from 8th-12th grades, specifically those preparing for JEE and NEET exams. These classes are free and are available on the Goprep app, powered by Gradeup.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor the health of your relationships just like you monitor your other health stats?
LifeCouple, a top rated marriage and family app, helps couples steer through relationship troubles together. Users can assess their relationship with the LifeCouple tool, get constructive improvement tips, hear advice from other couples on the platform, and even connect with a therapist. Their app is sure to be of help, especially as extended quarantines place extra stress on family relationships.
We spoke with founder Sean Rones about how they help couples rediscover love, even in stressful times. As a result, LifeCouple has seen a global surge in users making use of their free COVID-19 relationship content.


Dineout is India’s largest dining out platform, helping more than 40 million diners discover new restaurants, reserve a table, and use discounts since the app launched in 2014. Their mobile app works by predicting and fulfilling the wants of today’s diners.
Understanding the severity of COVID-19’s impact on the food and beverage industry, Dineout came up with initiatives to support their restaurant partners as well as serve the community. We spoke with Ankit Mehrotra, CFA, who told us about their initiatives such as #Save&Support, #ReliefForResturants, and #ProjectThali among many others.


On a mission to accelerate the offline world’s transition to the digital economy, Fave, a merchant-first platform, allows small businesses to digitize their acquisition, loyalty, operations, and more. Fave has taken the form of Fave Deal, FavePay, and TableOrdering.
More recently, Fave has come up with relevant operational products for merchants, including takeaway and eCards. Curious to know more about these efforts we connected with Jeanette Wong, their Regional CRM lead.

Jeanette spoke about the multiple campaigns that Fave is running during lockdown to support mid-sized businesses in Southeast Asia. Initiatives like #GiftaMeal, #SaveourFave, and donations in partnership with Altima, Tokoin, Indonesia Medical Alliance,, and Dompet Dhuafa. For this initiative, Fave takes care of all transaction fees and 100% goes to the charity.

Empathy Now for a Positive Future

Understanding the severity of the current situation and adhering to empathy as the core for their marketing efforts, these brands are doing some great work. The connection they’ll form with their users during this time will last longer and will always provide a sense of positivity every time a user interacts with them. Because keeping customers first is essential not just for this crisis, but well into the future.

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Last updated on March 26, 2024