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CTzen Stories: Marc-Antoine Hager – Life is a ‘Circle of Happiness’

CTzen Stories: Marc-Antoine Hager – Life is a ‘Circle of Happiness’

Everyone has a story waiting to be heard. We’re highlighting some of the amazing stories from within CleverTap — from our very own CTzens — because we believe in the amazing people we work with every day and want to share the exciting work culture that we’ve built together. Presenting: the CTzens of CleverTap.  

Marc-Antoine Hager: In His Own Words

There’s a quote about life, that it’s made up of peaks and valleys in which you alternatively strive and struggle. And then sometimes, things just seem to work out as they were meant to. 
I was born and brought up in France. My grandfather left Vietnam, moved to French territory, and worked in mines. It was a tough job and growing up, I saw how hard he worked to provide for us. Eventually, as an adult, I left France and started a new life in Singapore, which to me feels a bit like completing at least part of a circle of life.
I have been in sales all my professional life and have been privileged to work in different regions and countries. In France, I did sales in software companies. Building relationships and meeting new people was an exciting part of my life. 

Exploring New Opportunities

Both my wife and I had studied in Southeast Asia as exchange students — she in Hong Kong and me in Japan. We were at the age where we realized we could be flexible and explore different opportunities that might provide new challenges, and we began looking for prospects in Asia. The experience has been enriching as we’ve gotten to know the regional cultures and languages and learned different dialects. 
When I first came to Singapore eight years ago, I didn’t have a job. But my wife received a job offer and we decided to move. Singapore presented me with multiple opportunities. While transitioning from France to Singapore, I had to learn and adapt to a lot of things including multiple cultures, weather, and people. This in itself was a challenging experience. 
Today, eight years down the line, I’m proud of the life we have created for ourselves here. Raising a family with two kids and amazing opportunities like CleverTap coming my way, it’s been wonderful.

Becoming a CleverTap CT’zen

I joined CleverTap in March 2020 and it’s been a good two and a half years. When I first joined, COVID was at its peak. I was anxious about the impacts of the pandemic and also about working in a new country. I learned and unlearned new things all over again. 
When I first joined CleverTap, my onboarding was smooth. I went into the office expecting a normal work routine but within a few days we switched to remote working because of COVID. But still, the company made it easy for me. The teams were a wonderful support and everyone was very helpful in answering all my queries immediately.
In France, we wouldn’t use informal means like WhatsApp for business communication, but here in Singapore, it’s a common way to communicate with business clients. The Customer Success Team in the APAC region is like a best friend you need to have for Sales to be a success. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

At CleverTap, though the teams are spread out across borders, there has been seamless coordination. We share common goals and targets and fulfill client commitments jointly, and in this, we cannot be successful without each other’s support. Thankfully, because of the amazing corporate culture that we have across the company, we are doing amazingly well.
Looking back to this day, I am glad we made the decision to come back to our roots in Southeast Asia and build a life here. I truly do believe in the quote, “Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. If you are going through hard times, have faith that a good time is on the way.” 

Let’s Work Together

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Posted on October 12, 2022