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CTzen Stories: Arpita Porwal – Give Me Wings, Believe in Me – and Watch Me Fly! 

Arpita Porwal Arpita Porwal, a seasoned sales professional excels in SaaS, martech, account management, digital marketing, and mobile attribution. She has led successful projects in the Middle East and Africa.
CTzen Stories: Arpita Porwal – Give Me Wings, Believe in Me – and Watch Me Fly! 

Everyone has a story waiting to be heard. We’re highlighting some of the amazing stories from within CleverTap — from our very own CTzens — because we believe in the amazing people we work with every day and want to share the exciting work culture that we’ve built together. Presenting: the CTzens of CleverTap. 

Arpita Porwal: In Her Own Words

I was born and brought up in Bangalore, and my family ran their own business for decades. I am the youngest of three siblings. Having two older brothers — although I was loved and pampered — I was never pushed or expected to achieve professionally. Growing up, women and girls in my family were not encouraged to pursue a career. 
Nonetheless, I was very ambitious but wasn’t sure exactly what career interests I should pursue. A conversation with my professor changed my thinking. He suggested I’d be good at sales. I was a bit surprised since I was specializing in human resources and had never thought of pursuing something like sales. Yet, there was a particular company that came in for campus placements and had a sales role. I found the company interesting and applied for the job. After a couple of rounds of interviews, I was selected, which helped convince me that it was probably the right decision to pursue the role. I was definitely ambitious and driven to prove myself but was trying to find the path that was interesting to me

Dubai-bound, Then Home Again

Then, in 2014, after working in the company for six months, the company needed someone in their Dubai office and offered me the opportunity to relocate. While spending six and a half successful years in this sales role, I was offered some fantastic opportunities to launch a couple of projects. This provided me with a platform to explore the market and work with a team with an amazing support system. Despite this, for personal reasons, I decided to move back to India after a few years
It was at this time that the pandemic hit and things changed for everyone. I was confined at home for a long time. In a way, it was a blessing because I was home after being away for so many years in another country. I had the chance to spend more time with my family. Then decided to explore new interests and began attending a lot of webinars and workshops. I became very active on LinkedIn as well and then decided that I wanted to enter the SaaS / Mobile ecosystem. I spoke to some of my friends who worked in the industry and decided to take on a few courses when I, fortunately, landed a job in the industry.

A Brilliant Opportunity

On the professional front, CleverTap came along with a brilliant opportunity. I researched more about the role, which was based in Dubai. I moved back to the region in January 2022. Coming back to the city after all these years, it felt like home. We are a small team here but are closely knit. We all have each other’s back, and everyone is always willing to reach out and help when they can. It’s like having an extended family here. We faced some major market changes in our region, but we tackled all the challenges together and will continue to do so.
The cross-communication across regions at CleverTap is seamless, and people are always there to help you out. I was offered a lot of opportunities here which has been great for my professional development. I learned to work in different regions here, take on new challenges, and become more solution-oriented. I didn’t have significant experience in this market from a SaaS angle and felt like I was starting completely from scratch. But I quickly found that interacting with people from different ethnicities and cultures has helped me develop and evolve personally. 
At CleverTap, we have transparency at all levels. Opportunities and appreciation are given when they’re due, and that’s what motivates us to work harder.

Seizing Opportunities

My experiences both good and bad have helped shape the person I am now. I believe that we need to take opportunities when they come. Don’t hesitate to try different things and begin learning, whatever stage of your career. 
I would like to end with a quote from Marc Anthony, “And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

Let’s Work Together

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Posted on September 27, 2022