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CTzen Stories: Martha Gonzalez Catalina – Company Culture – The Backbone of an Organization

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CTzen Stories: Martha Gonzalez Catalina – Company Culture – The Backbone of an Organization

Everyone has a story waiting to be heard. We’re highlighting some of the amazing stories from within CleverTap — from our very own CT’zens — because we believe in the amazing people we work with everyday and want to share the exciting work culture that we’ve built together. Presenting: the CT’zens of CleverTap.

Martha Gonzalez Catalina: In Her Own Words

I love my workplace and wake up every Monday full of optimism and gratitude for the week to start! How many people can say that? I am truly filled with gratitude to be working at CleverTap and finally found a company that shares the same vision and values. I’ve worked at many different companies, across borders and cultures, and found them to be highly competitive and adhere to no particular values, which made me always miss something and be somewhat disengaged. These companies often lack a sense of teamwork and service, which to me is the key to building a great company that executes great results and offers an enjoyable work environment. 
Serving others is what drives me to achieve my goals, along with the genuine care that I have for my colleagues here. Our approach is to work together towards common goals and to support the company mission —not to compete with each other. At CleverTap, the handoff of tasks and projects between team members is seamless since there’s so much trust and respect. We practice good communication and always offer a “Thanks 🙏🏻” full of gratitude after every chat or email.

Discovering My Love for Sales

Although I worked as a graphic designer for a few years—a very creative field—a company gave me an opportunity to join their sales team to give presentations and work on strategic accounts. After working there for some time, I eventually realized my love for sales because I loved meeting people and I genuinely have an interest in hearing their stories. Eventually, I started working in sales collaborating with the many top brands the agency had. As the company grew, my love for sales grew as well. 
I’ve found that people often don’t understand the connection between a creative field like graphic design and a more target-oriented job like sales. Graphic design requires you to have a very creative eye, which helps me see a perspective that others may miss. Even something as simple as sending out proposals to a client—I often put myself in my client’s shoes, reviewing the minor details and working on the best solution for them. 
Having a creative and strategic background helps me understand the client’s needs better and also helps internally with team communication. I don’t look at the team as simply a workforce, but as a team made up of individuals. Understanding their personalities, their lives, their needs, and how they approach their work helps me to create a beautiful bond with my team, which then reflects in the quality of our work.

Promoting a Positive Work Culture

Nonetheless, sales can be very target-oriented and methodical, leading to occasional clashes among team members. Still, if you can bring in a different perspective and maintain a positive outlook, the workflow usually continues seamlessly. 
At CleverTap, I am happy to discover this same ideology in the people I work with here, including my core team. People reach out to each other, and because the core team is so fantastic, they attract the same quality of people, and this positive work culture then permeates throughout. It has been close to a year now with CleverTap, and I feel so much gratitude for the opportunity to work here every day. Even though coordination in different time zones is difficult, I feel motivated to go that extra mile and serve others.

Aligning Our Values

A strong and healthy culture is a common denominator and a point of differentiation among the most successful companies. All have consensus at the top regarding cultural priorities, and those values focus not on individuals but on the organization and its goals. Leaders in successful companies live their cultures every day and go out of their way to communicate their cultural identities to employees and prospective new hires. Eventually, it starts automatically trickling down to everyone working there, which is what CleverTap is about.
I look forward to contributing my best every day. It brings to mind this quote from the author Isadore Sharp, ” A company culture cannot be imposed or mandated. It must grow from within over a long period.” 

Let’s Work Together

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Posted on August 3, 2022