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Behind Every Strong Woman is a Story by Priti Karekar

Priti Priti Karekar, Associate Director of Admin at CleverTap, brings over 20 years of experience in administration. Known for her nurturing touch, she ensures smooth operations and excels in office management.
Behind Every Strong Woman is a Story by Priti Karekar

When life gets hard, and you feel all alone, remember that you mean the world to somebody. And that somebody calls you “Mom.” Our very own, Priti Karekar, Senior Manager, Administration, bares her heart as she shares her amazing journey with us. This is a story of strength, motivation, and inspiration about facing life head-on, every single day.

Life is a Rollercoaster

“Being a mother is learning about the strengths that you never had.” ~ Linda Wooten. 

This quote has added magic in my life. Most people look outside for inspiration. But for me, my son is my greatest inspiration.   

My life has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs that have shaped the person I am today. It all began with the loss of my parents at an early age. But even in the darkest of times, there was a guiding light: my school principal, who helped me complete my education and set me on a path of self-discovery. 

After completing my tenth standard, I found myself working in a supermarket to support my education. It was a tough grind, but I was determined to create a better future for myself. 

Then, my life took an unexpected turn when I entered into a marriage that wasn’t right for me. However, amidst the challenges, there was a shining beacon of hope: my son. His unwavering belief in me became my greatest source of inspiration. 

I still remember when he once accompanied me to my office. He saw me sitting in my bay, and he saw some people sitting in cubicles and was curious to know the difference. When I explained the difference, his immediate question was, “When shall you sit there?” That was the moment I realized that whatever it takes, however hard it might be, I have to make him feel proud—of me and of who he was as my son.  

As a single mother, I faced the daunting task of balancing motherhood, finances, and my personal life. It was emotionally taxing, but I was determined to provide the best for my child.

My Professional Journey

My professional life took a positive turn when I joined Network18. Seeing my own separate workstation filled my son with pride. It was a glimmer of hope during a time when I was still struggling mentally and financially. It was a testament to my resilience and the support of those who believed in me. 

My manager at the time, Sunil Thomas — who would later on become one of CleverTap’s original founders and Executive Chairman — played a pivotal role, providing both professional support and personal guidance during those trying times. 

There came a time when my life took a sharp turn when I lost my job and didn’t work for nine months. As the sole breadwinner, managing our lives on savings was a tremendous challenge. There were moments when I contemplated giving up, but a small yet powerful gesture from my son reignited my spirit. 

One day, my son came back from school, and he walked up to me with a number written on his palm and said, “Mamma call this number. They will give you a job.” That sentence brought me back to senses. His belief that I could overcome any obstacle motivated me to keep pushing forward. Finally, I was hired by Disney which was a joyous moment for my son. He bragged to everyone at school that his mother works at Disney.

Then, one day out of the blue, I received a message that would change the course of my professional journey. The message inquired about my work status and goals and mentioned an opportunity at CleverTap, a company that was growing fast.

My journey continues at CleverTap, a startup that provided me with invaluable exposure and learning opportunities. Now, after eight years at CleverTap, I have not only found professional success but also a sense of balance in my life. CleverTap taught me a fundamental lesson: that every person, regardless of their designation, deserves respect.

The unique advice I’ve received from CleverTap co-founders Anand Jain and Sunil Thomas has transformed my entire approach to leadership. By understanding the company and its employees — in the same way a mother understands her children — I have not only found a new perspective on leadership but have also contributed to nurturing and growing a thriving company that often feels like a family to many of us.

My Strengths

My life’s journey has made me a strong and resilient individual, and it’s this journey that has forged the tough exterior that many see today. But beneath that exterior lies a person shaped by experiences, a person who values integrity above all else and isn’t afraid to speak their mind in service to a cause.

I’ve also discovered that protecting those around me has often required me to shield my emotions, but it’s always done with the best interests of others in mind; beneath my tough exterior, there resides a deep sensitivity. Tough people can often be the most sensitive.

Indeed, life can at times be very hard. But in the crucible of life’s struggles, our true character is revealed. I’ve faced my share of challenges, and it’s during these moments that one discovers whether they’re a fighter or a quitter. I’ve chosen to be a fighter, to confront obstacles head-on — and I’ve emerged stronger from each battle.

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Last updated on March 5, 2024