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5 notifications that won our heart this Mother’s Day

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
5 notifications that won our heart this Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a day that everyone under the sun connects with, irrespective of their age, gender or profession. Our Moms have always been our heros and a day reminding us about their superpowers is just as powerful an emotion as any.
This opportunity to strike a chord with your complete user-base at once (and not just a small segment) compels marketers to have amazing Mother’s Day campaigns. This Mother’s day, the CleverTap team received a ton of such brilliant notifications from brands trying to help their customers make Mother’s Day special.

Here are our favourites:

1. Groupon:
Groupon Notification
Groupon tapped into the basic problem associated with Mother’s Day: Gifts. Almost at the time when your users are about to feel like ungrateful brats for not buying anything for Mother’s Day, this email of Groupon delivered a day before Mother’s Day might just find them the peace (and the gifts) they need.
The notification is spot on because it not only solves the underlying problem but also is implemented at the quintessential perfect time! Our data insights also showed that Mother’s Day campaigns which involved a discount code received a 40% increase in CTRs on iOS while Android showed a 21% increase in CTRs.
2. Rent the Runway:
Rent The Runway Notification
Rent the Runway decided to attract it’s user base by appealing to the emotional aspect of Mother’s Day. A way of being grateful to Mothers everywhere and to just say ‘Thanks Mom’
The notification ends with a perfect Call to Action ‘Book before spots fill up’ nudging the users to click and convert. Targeted messaging is the key to success and our insights showed an increase of 15% for engagement campaigns centered around women.
3. UberEats:
UberEats Notification
Uber’s ability to continuously engage with its users with highly relevant content is commendable, and this year’s mother’s day campaign is yet another example of the same. Uber ‘drives’ it’s user to download the UberEats App to have the perfect breakfast in bed delivered to their doorstep on Mother’s Day. Well-timed, contextual and appealing – Uber’s got it all.
4. OshKosh B’Gosh:
Oshkosh Notification
OshKosh B’Gosh takes a humble stand and simply wishes its users to have a Happy Mother’s Day. With no call to actions, and no ‘special discounts’, this warm message hits the home-run by connecting with its users and building a brand image.
5. Yelp:
Yelp Notification
This year too, Yelp wins the prize for the best notification we received on Mother’s Day. Yelp’s push notification has got you covered with not just recommendations for Mother’s day feast outdoors, but also on booking the table.
Yelp uses an emoji in the notification, and adds another flavour to the usual textual push notifications.
Having engagement campaigns around events and festivals is a great way to build a connect with your users. Whether you received notifications or not, we hope you had a great Mother’s Day. If you received any other interesting Mother’s Day campaigns that you’d like us to know about, please comment below.

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Last updated on March 12, 2024