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10 daily habits of top mobile app developers

Anjali Jain Anjali is an accomplished writer, editor and brand-centered storyteller with over 15 years of experience in SaaS-based B2B content creation and digital marketing for tech companies.
10 daily habits of top mobile app developers

Much has been written and said about habits of successful entrepreneurs, designers, CEOs, COOs and more. It is about time that we get to discuss top habits of those who are rocking the mobile app scene- The App Developers. App developers are the ones who are instrumental in giving us those fantastic apps that have brought the world to our figure tips.
The app store is packed with apps of all types. Some apps manage to gain millions of downloads and are an instant hit with the users while others don’t even fetch a few hundred downloads. Some developers make it big, while others can barely make a living off their jobs. Certainly there is something that sets apart the top mobile app developers from the strugglers. We have listed 10 daily habits of top mobile app developers.
Keep an Eye on the App Store/ Play Store
Successful mobile app developers tend to keep a keen watch on the App Store. They study the app store at regular intervals to check how their apps are performing and check reviews about how the users feel about the apps. By studying the app store well mobile app developers can also keep a check on the competitors and their performance too.
Mobile Analytics & Engagement
Top mobile app developers monitor their apps daily activity by using a dynamic mobile analytics tool. By tracking user behavior on a daily basis, mobile app developers can increase engagement for their app and develop a more personalized experience for their users.
Efficient Team Management
Successful mobile app developers are efficient team managers too. They know their team well and use their potential to the optimum. They have mastered the art of leveraging workload among team members with efficacy. Successful apps are usually backed by teams that are methodical, well-run and orderly.
Learn from the Unsuccessful Apps
Keeping a check on the top trends of the App Store is what all Mobile app developers would do. The smart ones also keep a tab on the ones that are not performing well. As popularly said learn from your mistakes. The non-performing apps in the App Store give us a direct glimpse of those apps that users reject. In order to know what to avoid a mobile app developer must also download those apps that are at the rock bottom of the charts.
Take a Note of Important Stuff
Keep a note of all the important stuff, meetings, goals, deadlines, targets that you and your team both need to chase. This will help you keep a close watch on your progress. Keeping a note of stuff will also come in handy if you are managing a remote team.
Stay In Touch With Users
Pay attention to user reviews and act on it. Answer support calls or email, by doing this you can get an opportunity to directly interact with the user. By staying in constant touch with the end users you can ensure that your app is doing its job well.
Empty Your Inbox
Kick start your day with a zeroed inbox. Check all your email and take necessary action, delete unwanted junk, read and type a reply to the important ones. Start your day with a clear inbox that does not distract you all day.
Document your Progress
Maintain a journal and pen down your journey, goals, achievements, and disappointments, everything that you experience as a Mobile app developer. This is more of a therapy that will help you reflect about and improve what you do each day.
Keep a Tab on Market Trends
Keep a keen watch on the App Store trends. Scan through the Top Paid and Free Apps. Use analytics to track user engagement, downloads and uninstalls. Analyzing your analytics regularly allows you to see trends and act promptly whenever needed.
Stay Inspired
Stay updated about your trade. Learn about the latest technology that can impact the mobile market. Take some time to read a book or listen to a lecture/ speech that keeps you motivated to chase your dreams, make it big.
Stay Fit
Last on this list but definitely not on the priority front. Sports, exercise, yoga, meditation follow a fitness regime, choose what suits you best and eat healthy. This will not only keep you physically fit and active but also establish a healthy way of life.

Last updated on June 7, 2024