Optimize your paid acquisition campaigns

CleverTap Attribution helps you answer questions such as which ad campaigns drive the most conversions in my app?


Attribution lets you track users you acquire from paid campaigns

It also lets you measure the effectiveness of campaigns you run on different advertising networks to
understand which channels yield your most engaged and profitable users.


Track the long-term retention and value of customers from virtually any ad network

Data about which ad campaign a user came from flows right into the CleverTap dashboard via our Attribution Partners.

For Websites, CleverTap automatically tracks your ad campaigns running on ad networks such as Facebook and Google. By connecting your Facebook and Google AdWords accounts, all of your campaign cost data will be available for analysis right from the CleverTap dashboard.


Your highest value customers may come from one acquisition
channel or campaign and your least engaged users from another

Behavior of users acquired from different sources can vary dramatically. Using CleverTap’s advanced segmentation you can

  • Target users you acquire from different sources and track their engagement over time
  • Send personalized push, in-app, email or web messages to users based on which campaign you acquired them from
  • Compare retention and engagement by acquisition source or campaign to determine which ad-spend yields the best results

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