Customer Journey

July 3, 2019

Every customer has a story. And every interaction between your brand and your customer becomes a part of that story. This collection of stories of when and where your user communicates or engages with your brand is that customer’s journey.

What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is basically every interaction that a customer has with your brand over time — from positive to negative interactions. From the minute the user learns about your app, to when the user installs, onboards, becomes a regular user and hopefully a loyal champion of your brand.

How to Build a User Journey Map to Improve Your Mobile App Experience

Why Do Marketers Need to Think in Terms of a Customer Journey?

Every journey has a destination, regardless of detours or delays. In the same way, an ideal customer journey leads to monetization and brand loyalty, which translates to an increase in customer lifetime value.

But not every customer will be with your brand for the long haul. And your job as a mobile marketer will include having to figure out how even a churned user’s journey can help you keep your current users.

Every customer journey can prove useful and informative to the process of learning what marketing tactics and engagement campaigns will work for your industry, and your user base.

Customer Journey Map?

One way to visualize the entire customer journey is to create a journey map. This is a visual that illustrates each step in the user journey — all from the customer’s perspective.

It’s useful in that it showcases where and when a user gets in contact with your brand and whether each experience is positive or negative. This shows you a clear path toward improving your overall user experience and, in turn, your brand.

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