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Let Machine Learning Guide Your Way

As conversational, assistive marketing becomes the norm, marketers can no longer be reactive in their engagement. They need instant, data-driven insights.

Using machine learning applications, CleverTap processes millions of data points across an entire user base to enable marketers to realize the opportunity that comes with relationship marketing. Instantly connect the dots between critical customer interactions to deliver a consistent end-to-end experience.

Say Goodbye to Manual Segmentation

When every user generates hundreds of data points, manual segmentation becomes cumbersome. Even with today’s innovative marketing tools, segmenting users effectively is a challenge since marketers have to consider multiple dimensions to segment on. Use CleverTap’s predictive analytics marketing to eliminate the guesswork and identify user segments at risk for churn or those most likely to convert.

Identify Micro-Segments of Users By Interest

Every single one of your users is unique. Their behaviors and interests change based on the seasons, sporting events, current affairs, etc. Identifying these micro-segments becomes even more challenging when you have hundreds or even millions of users. It’s more critical than ever to identify micro-segments based on users’ changing needs and adapt your marketing efforts to drive long-term growth.

Find the Optimal Time and Channel to Engage Users

Your users are always on the go and app usage varies significantly by individual. Message blasts are no longer effective. Use CleverTap’s data science models to determine the best time of day, day of the week, and optimal channel to connect with every user within each micro-segment. This way, each personalized message reaches users when they are most likely to respond.

Win with Machine Learning: Context, Relevance, Timeliness

No matter what kind of users you serve, they all have one thing in common — they expect to receive the right information at exactly the right time. Invest in meaningful relationships with your users based on their interests, habits, likes, and dislikes. Win with CleverTap to deliver on the promise of relationship marketing at scale.

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