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In the Webinar, we will explore

  • Key performance metrics for Gaming apps
  • How to segment users based on behavior and mapping user journeys
  • Fixes on improving retention via engagement
customer lifecycle management


Thiago Monteiro

Thiago Monteiro

Director – Growth, Peak Labs

Working in digital and mobile marketing for more than seven years, Thiago has vast experience in multiple disciplines of paid media, ranging from display and paid search to social paid advertising. He now directs the Growth team at Peak, where he is responsible for acquiring and retaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers every month while reaching ambitious financial goals.


Peggy Salz

Mobile Analyst

Chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove, a top destination for analysis, custom research, and strategic content marketing to the global mobile industry, Peggy is a mobile industry expert who has earned a reputation as a top Mobile Analyst at VentureBeat and Content Marketing Strategist. She is also a nine-time author and frequently writes for Forbes, Harvard Biz, and many more.

Malay harsh

Malay Harsh


Malay is a startup growth specialist with over 11 years of diverse marketing experience ranging from the domains of Steel to EdTech. He has built businesses to scale working with top brands like Simplilearn and IEEE. He leads the Customer and Solution Marketing functions at CleverTap. He is also a technology enthusiast and evangelist


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