A/B Testing

Make sure only the best ideas win

Test UI and UX flows to make app design decisions based on data, not intuition.


Experiment & test anything

Use the drag-and-drop visual editor to test variations of complex logic through a dashboard without additional development time.
Rich text
Change fonts, text size, color, location, and other variables
Rich Text
Swap out banners, product photos, and more
Rearrange widgets and other UI elements
Dynamic variables
Test complex logic such as link destinations, carousel speed, or image callout tags
Dynamic Variables

Hypothesis testing in four easy steps

Hypothesis Testing in Four Easy Steps

Key benefits

  • Fewer app store submissions

    Save hours of developer time and make fewer App Store submissions
  • User-level experiments

    Use data to determine the best new features, user flows, and campaigns
  • Improve user experiences

    Improve customer lifetime value and increase retention with an optimized app design

Unleash your brand’s growth potential with the power of robust data and analytics.