Use cohort analysis to easily compare how different groups of users behave over time in key product workflows such as user onboarding, registration, purchases, and app uninstalls.

Visualize your app engagement and user retention with cohorts

Cohort analysis helps you to understand and group users who have demonstrated a certain behavior in your app and track their subsequent actions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Measure user retention, engagement or a variety of essential business metrics such as how long it takes on average for a new user to transact or how a cohort reacts to a new feature release.

User Retention Cohort

Analyze how often users come back to your app. Measure and improve the factors that entice them to return and model your user retention strategy based on these parameters.

Feature Stickiness Cohort

Determine sticky quotient of a feature and how often do users actually use them. Optimally assign resources to build complementary features or to enhance existing features.

Loyalty Cohort

Measure how long it takes for first time purchasers to make their second purchase. Build marketing campaigns that encourage customers to make their subsequent purchases sooner.

Compare User Retention Cohorts

Analyze your users by product category, acquisition source, geography, or customer type and understand differences in cohort behavior.


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