Target users by their specific in-app actions

Segment users based on historic data or track users live by adding them to a segment the moment their behavior matches your criteria.

Target by action

Group users based on key in-app activities, such as users who completed a purchase in the last 90 days.

Target by inaction

Target users who haven’t completed an action, such as users who haven’t launched the app in the last 30 days.

Target by property

Engage users with campaigns based on specific user properties, such as location or subscription tier.


Automatically track usergroups in real time

Strike while the iron is hot by tracking what users are doing in your app right now. Whether it’s a high-value purchase or a transaction not yet completed – immediacy is key.

Psychographic Segmentation
Track by single action

Track specific user actions like viewing a product, building a playlist, or purchasing a subscription.

Track by inaction

Pinpoint users who haven’t done key actions like finishing a movie or completing a purchase.

Track by day or time

Add date or time properties to segments, like tracking users who order delivery at a certain time

PSY Segmentation

Deliver more of what your users love

What if instead of behavior alone, you could group users by their interests, habits, and other personal preferences? We call these psychographic segments and they work like magic.

Deliver by event

Target based on event properties, like shoppers who buy accessories but are most interested in shoes.

Deliver by time

Zero in on user habits by building segments based on time, like viewers who watch comedies between 7-11 pm.

Deliver by day

Identify trends and opportunities, like users who add dessert to takeout orders on Saturdays.


Loaded with industry-first segmentation capabilities

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    RFM analysis

    Our best-in-class segmentation tool automatically groups users based on how active they are in your app. Quickly pinpoint your most valuable users and those at risk of churn.

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    Intent-based segments

    Set a goal — prevent uninstalls, maximize subscription purchases — and our intelligent data science engine will show you which users are most likely to complete the action.

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    Custom lists

    Create custom user groups on CleverTap using your own segmentation tool, then build campaigns and monitor segments with the full power of our detailed dashboard.

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