Custom List Segments

Bring a list of users from any source and engage them with individualized messages.

Custom List

Connect user lists created anywhere

Run engagement campaigns on any list of users in real-time.
Custom List Upload
Easily upload and save a list of users from any source, including third-party tools or internal databases.
Custom List Upload
Multi-channel Engagement
Engage these users across multiple channels with one-time or recurring campaigns.
Multi-channel Engagement
Relevant Messages
Deliver personalized messages to these users based on their past or real-time behavior in the app.
Relevant Messages
Engagement at Scale
Run automated omnichannel campaigns using Journeys.
Engagement at Scale

Bring Your Own Customer List

Upload any list of users from any source to connect the power of CleverTap’s personalization to any high-value segment created outside the platform.
Custom List Features

Key Benefits

  • Upload User Lists From Anywhere

    Easily upload user segments created from any source.
  • Powerful Automation

    Save hours by automating campaigns with key user segments identified outside the CleverTap platform.
  • Real-time Engagement

    Engage users in custom list segments with timely, individualized messages.