Mobile App Marketing

July 6, 2018

An app, short for application, is a specialized software program that is downloaded onto a smart device or a computer and which serves a particular function for a user.

Apps are the programs we use on our mobile devices (or computers) to get our work done, or to entertain us during downtime.

The Definition of “App” Has Changed

Apps, in their original definition as an “application,” once meant any software installed on a computer. Thus a word processor was considered an app just as much as a database management tool.

In the last decade or so however, apps have come to mean software programs that are downloaded from app stores. This can mean anything from mobile apps (e.g. from Google Play, or Apple’s App Store) to browser apps (e.g. from Google Chrome Webstore) to operating system apps (e.g. from Apple’s App Store or the Microsoft Store).

The Job of the App Marketer

As mobile app marketers, our job is to promote our app and the brand behind it. Mobile app marketing is the art of acquiring, nurturing, and retaining people who will use our app and convert from casual users into paying customers.

Part of the marketer’s job in promoting an app is to use App Store Optimization (ASO) in order for the app to stand out from the thousands available on an app store marketplace.

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