ASO (App Store Optimization)

July 6, 2018

With the proliferation of millions of apps in every marketplace, it’s easy for one app to be overlooked. The trick is to be found among the many options and discovered by the crowd. You have to stand out, you have to have great reviews, and you have to be easy to find. This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) comes in.

ASO is the process of streamlining the various aspects of your app store presence so your application can be found by users.

ASO Means Optimizing the Product Page & Search Results

Because app marketplaces are so huge and contain so many different apps, it is crucial to tailor how your app appears to a customer on both the product page and in search results.

  • Product Page: All text descriptions and all creative elements should be made appealing, and should show the benefits of using your app. Does it look dynamic and enticing? Does it sound like it would solve my problems? Does the app icon clearly communicate what your app does? Are the screenshots sufficiently explanatory?

    Alongside this, the public reviews of your app should be as positive as possible. Getting your champion users to rate your app is one way to boost this effort. After all, social proof is a huge way that customers check whether to install an app or not.

  • Search Page: Can your app be found for its search keywords? How does it compare to your competitors? What can you emulate from the success of the top apps in your space?

ASO then is both art and science – it’s a process that every mobile marketer must go through so that their app can be found.

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