Artificial Intelligence (AI)

July 6, 2018

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It is the simulated thought process (hence “artificial”) built into modern software that allows applications to make basic decisions and take the needed actions to achieve goals. Typically, this involves decisions on where to send data.

In contrast, natural intelligence is what humans and other living animals possess naturally, without having to program parameters for the decision making.

How AI Benefits Mobile Marketers

For mobile marketers, AI is a crucial tool allowing them to handle a large number of actions and scale their marketing efforts to thousands of users.

Without AI, marketers would be forced to accomplish a lot of their tasks using manual processes – everything from segmenting large numbers of users, to sending out push notifications to assembling reports. Imagine what an enormous drain of time and resources this would be! Without AI, it would be impossible for a top brand to market to millions of users effectively.

Some Examples of AI in Mobile Marketing

What artificial intelligence does is it makes it easy for mobile marketers to do their job, no matter how large a user base they have to market to.

AI makes it possible to automatically segment a large customer base. Simply select the criteria for the segment (e.g. opened a video in the last week, or is aged between 18 and 24), and an intelligent mobile marketing platform like CleverTap will tap its built-in AI to choose which of your millions of users falls into that segment.

AI also allows you to send out highly personalized messages to each segment. Imagine having messages for each of 75 user segments across 200 million users. You might go crazy sending out those messages without the assistance of intelligent software.

All in all, artificial intelligence is a time saving, cost-efficient tool that enables brand marketers to send and measure millions of individual activities and engagement tactics.

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