July 9, 2018

CTA stands for call to action, which is basically a message that nudges your app user, website reader, podcast listener, or customer to undertake a specific action.

The call to action can take the form of a button or a text link that tells a reader to click or do something. In digital marketing, this typically asks them to download a white paper, view a video, schedule a demo, or visit a web page that brings the visitor further into your site.

The Importance of the CTA

First and foremost, the CTA leads a visitor to convert. This may mean accomplishing an action such as contacting you, purchasing a product, requesting an estimate, or downloading a resource.

Secondly, the CTA helps increase your click-through rate, which is basically the number of pages an average visitor will view when they land on your website. The better your click-through rate, the better your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). In short, it boosts your SEO.

How to Optimize Your CTA

There are many resources online on constructing better CTAs, but they all generally direct you to do three main things.

  • The first is that the CTA has to match a user’s readiness to act. Say, for example, that your reader is just getting to know your brand, it’s highly unlikely they will click on a CTA that encourages them to purchase your B2B service. It may be better to lead them toward your blog so they can read more about you and your product.
  • Secondly, a CTA should be optimized visually so that the call to action can be seen, so that the eyes are drawn to it, so that the action becomes visually appealing.
  • Thirdly, the actual wording of your CTA must be clear, easily understood, and contain text that is persuasive enough to get readers to act.

    You should run A/B tests to find the combinations that appeal to your target audience and generate the KPIs you need.

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