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The top ten apps for women in India

Anjali Jain Anjali is an accomplished writer, editor and brand-centered storyteller with over 15 years of experience in SaaS-based B2B content creation and digital marketing for tech companies.
The top ten apps for women in India

Women play various roles in their lives and have a lot to accomplish on a daily basis. They face several challenges and are usually juggling to strike a balance between a demanding career, education, home, kids, hobbies, social commitments and other stuff they wish to do like yoga, exercising, traveling or reading. A smartphone is a handy helper for women to keep up with life’s demands. Just like there is a closet full of essentials that every woman needs, there are apps that every woman must have to make their life more manageable. Thank God there are apps for everything now directions, reminders, grocery shopping, bill payments, banking even tracking your menstrual cycle.
We have listed the top 10 apps that every tech savvy girl must have on her phone.
Big Basket
Who does not need groceries? Big Basket can save you the effort of going to the local store and spending hours looking for the stuff you need and waiting in queue to pay for it. Big Basket delivers all your daily essentials and groceries to your doorstep. You can even choose a time slot you want your stuff to be delivered.
7 Minute Workout
Exercising always figures last in the list of priorities when women are busy playing multiple roles. The usual excuse to skip a workout is not having enough time, but not anymore. The 7 Minute Workout app offers as step by step workout that only takes 7 minutes, leaving no room for excuses.
Circle Of 6
Safety is a prime concern for women these days. Circle of 6 is a personal safety app for women. It lets your circle of 6 trusted people know where you are and how they can help with just two clicks. It is available on Google Play and iTunes both.
Social networking is an integral part of our fast-paced lives. Facebook is used by many to keep in touch with family and friends. Share pictures, videos and statuses and always stay connected with your friends.
Packing Pro
If your job involves a lot of travelling, Packing Pro can be just the app you need to ensure you are ready for your trip. Like a loving mother, it would remind you to pack all travel essentials you need.
YouCam Makeup
YouCam Makeup App lets you check on your hairstyles lipsticks and eye makeup in real-time. Check what looks best on you before applying, it saves you the hassle of undoing and redoing your makeup. Glam up and save time too.
Calorie Counter
Watch what you eat. This is loved by fitness enthusiasts. Calorie Counter allows you to keep a tab on the number of calories you consume. You also scan the barcode of any given packaged food to find its calorific value. It will also suggest a nutrition guide that you can follow.
Do you love to take selfies, pose and pout for the camera? Pose is an addictive app that brings together Fashion, Pinterest and Instagram. This photo sharing app determines your style by asking you a series of questions and suggests other users with similar interests you can also save your favorite poses and create collections
Period Tracker
As the name suggests, this is an app for the girls surfing the crimson wave. It helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle, predict dates for your next period, PMS and more.
Reinvent your love for reading with the Kindle app. Kindle is for all those women who love to read, carry several books in this little app. This will give you the freedom to buy and read books anytime you like.
Whether they are taking a selfie, reading their favorite book or tracking calories these are some of the most popular apps at their fingertips.

Posted on March 21, 2016