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The rise of mobile dating apps and the digital love connection

Anjali Jain Anjali is an accomplished writer, editor and brand-centered storyteller with over 15 years of experience in SaaS-based B2B content creation and digital marketing for tech companies.
The rise of mobile dating apps and the digital love connection

Looking for someone special at college, work or elsewhere is a thing of the past, now is the era of mobile dating and the digital love connection! It allows individuals to meet romantically via personal profiles, text messages, and mobile chatting. Two people can chat, flirt and meet if they both mutually agree to do so.
We are right in the middle of a romantic evolution. Let’s just step back a little and recall how in the past 20 years the scene has changed. From dial up modems on a 75MHz computer, to 4G LTE on a quad-core 2.2GHz smart phones, everything in our world is being digitalized.
The reason for this is, if we look back 20 years, almost no one had a laptop. There used to be a desktop in the house, which were far from personal. With the onset of smartphones, the devices have become incredibly personal and super intelligent. Personal to such an extent that it could be upsetting if someone used your smartphone. You can organize your life, write emails, work, call, and take pictures – everything. You can casually use it to look for partners, interact, flirt and even stalk your crush on social media.
A lonely human is always on the look out for friends. They wish to connect with someone for friendship or a romantic relationship. Mobile phones these days help a lot in this concern. Online dating has evolved and become the norm and has been openly embraced by individuals of all ages.
Surely you might think why mobile dating when there are many more social platforms where you might meet your special someone. As your phone is always with you and you carry it everywhere all the time and is more convenient to just relax and select your date over the phone whenever you wish to.
It all started with social platforms, messenger services, matrimony sites and other conventional ways of connecting. Mobile dating has surged in the last few years and has been transformed by popular new dating apps like Tinder. In fact, all the major mobile dating websites have mobile versions and apps that are super fast and easy to use.
In the 90’s matchmaking websites came into the picture with  and, which suggested suitable matches according to social compatibility like caste, culture, region, language education, etc.
Old social norms are evolving in India as increased number of urban youth are trying to take control of their lives by choosing their dating partners before tying the knot and settling down. Mobile dating apps and their use are increasing along with smartphones and high mobile internet connectivity.
Mobile dating can be termed as a social dating experience. We have listed some of the notable mobile dating apps that are taking the dating scenario with a bang.

  • Coffee meets Bagel

Coffee meets Bagel –  Sounds like a dating app for foodies. It was founded by three sisters and is considered to be widely trusted by women. It uses your Facebook account to match your details with a friend or friend of a friend. Hence, this becomes slightly personal dating app. As the potential matches are friends of a friend from your friend list, the matches can be considered reliable to some extent.
The game like interface makes the experience enjoyable. This app makes you meet one date or bagel per day. If you both like each other, then Coffee meets Bagel connects the two of you by private chat room, where you can know more about each other.

  • OkCupid

OkCupid is free and has a reputation as being the most popular data-driven dating site, and they have statistics to back it up. This app has all the functions that they have on their website in mobile form like building your profile, checking out and rating other profiles, answering quizzes and chatting up. An excellent feature is that you can upload photos directly from your phone to your profile.
It also broadcasts your free time and interests to common members. Accessing their “Locals” feature will show you people in your vicinity.  This app has been around for quite some time and is making mobile dating super fun.

  • Tinder

Tinder has attracted a lot of attention because it is very convenient to use. All that is required by you is log-in with your Facebook account.Tinder will create your Tinder profile by uploading your first name, your photos, your interests and age from your Facebook profile. You can then anonymously browse through local profiles. Once you like someone and they like you too only then your profiles will be revealed to each other. Once this happens you can start chatting and browse for more matches as well. If you want to secretly search a date without revealing your identity, this app is for you.

  • Grindr

This app can be counted among the largest online social dating app. This app is one of the most successful apps catering to gay, bisexual and bi-curious men. Grindr is a good option if you are looking for someone to date or make friends with.
The search for love will continue to spark the dating app growth. But much like dating, finding just the right match is no easy task, at least with all these mobile apps if you’re single, you will continue to have plenty of options to find your perfect mate.

Last updated on March 29, 2024