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How Streamago cracked the code for mobile retention for new app users

Shivkumar M Shivkumar M has over 20 years of experience shaping technology product and GTM strategy. With B2B SaaS expertise across industries, he leads product launches, adoption, and GTM as Director of Product Marketing.
How Streamago cracked the code for mobile retention for new app users
Can’t stop laughing about something that happened today? Bored and looking for someone to chat with? Want to show off your comedy chops?

Enter Streamago, the trendy new live video streaming app that is becoming the new way to socialize with friends, family and communities.  Go live and share your voice with anyone you like. Be spontaneous and do something unexpected and your friends as well as strangers will take notice. Streamago app lets you interact with your closest friends as well as communities with the same interests, through live video. Uncut and unpredictable moments that will change the way you connect.
With a million plus users live streaming their every day moments, Streamago is becoming the new way people are staying in touch. With such a robust user base, they needed a strong retention strategy that grabs the attention of new users early on, with enticing and educative messaging, and continues to remind them of the various possibilities with the app, on an ongoing basis.
Streamago understands that a good retention strategy essentially is one that combines 3 key elements- Granular understanding of the users and user patterns, one that enables very high level of personalization, which in turn leads to delivering a very relevant and contextual message to the users. How did Streamago crack the code for mobile retention for new app users?
Granular understanding of your users – This essentially is the bottom line of a well thought out retention strategy.  Fine-grained analytics that enables hyper-segmentation to show what the users are looking for when they first download your app, what keeps them ticking, why a user uninstalls or why they keep coming back to your app.  However well thought out your messaging is, unless you have a great understanding of the recipients and their core usage patterns, that message will just not have the desired impact in your overall retention strategy.
High level of personalization – This is such a broad spectrum term.  Of course you can send your message with the user’s name on it but the real impact of personalization is when you deliver a unique message to a unique user based on any of their locations, in their language spoken, or based on an activity they have performed or are expected to perform in the app.
Relevant, contextual messaging – With a good understanding of your users and their behavior patterns, you will be able to engage them in a way that is valuable and in a way that enhances your core product experience.
In essence, a good retention strategy is one that combines all of the above. Streamago uses CleverTap to stay in touch with their app users and they have cracked the code to keep their users constantly engaged to get them hooked on the app. Learn how Streamago uses a high touch engagement strategy with their new users with hyper- targeted push notifications by geo, delivered in their local language within the first 10 days of download.
Last updated on March 29, 2024