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Advanced Funnel Strategies for Improved Conversions

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
Advanced Funnel Strategies for Improved Conversions

How many users who added an item to their cart completed their purchase? How many users who started the sign-up process finished it? Where in the process did they drop off?
Marketers use Funnels to uncover friction points and increase customer conversions. Funnels let you analyze how many users are completing each step in the conversion process, and discover where they’re dropping off.
Funnels are a powerful tool for marketers to track and optimize conversions. Now, with Actionable Funnels, you can create and engage a specific user segment right from Funnels.
For example, create a campaign for users who installed the app, registered, and completed a profile but didn’t relaunch the app. Or create and track a segment of users who used a referral code to sign up.

Actionable Funnels for Instant Segmentation

Funnels allow you to see which actions immediately precede a conversion event, so that you can persuade more users to perform that action. With Actionable Funnels, you can quickly and easily click on the segment of users who did not complete that key action to prompt them to act and boost overall conversions. You can also easily identify cross- and up-sell opportunities.
And you can do more:

  • Create micro-segments based on any step in your funnel so you don’t have to guess your segment definition each time.
  • Run campaigns directly from your funnel view for highly specific, personalized engagement that reflects your user’s journey.
  • Nudge users to take the next action in the conversion funnel and beyond.

Let’s look at how you can use actionable funnels to target and convert more users.

  1. Ecommerce Apps: Onboarding Campaign
    A majority of site visitors on ecommerce sites don’t make a purchase. On average, only ~2% of visitors convert into customers.1 Marketers regularly track conversions at every step leading to purchase. Using Actionable Funnels, they can send targeted campaigns to users at any stage of the funnel.

    Funnel : App Launched to Checkout
    In the last 30 days
    Step 1: App Launched
    Step 2: ProductDetailsViewed
    Step 3: AddedToCart
    Step 4: WentToCart
    Step 5: CheckedOutConversion Time – 5 daysApp Launched to Checkout Funnel
    Target Segment: Users who did App Launched but didn’t do Product Details Viewed.
    Campaign: Onboarding Campaign.
    Channel: In-App Notification.
    In-app Message Ecommerce

  2. Travel: Cross-Sell Campaign
    An important phase of the customer experience is the pre-purchase and decision making phase. Highly targeted recommendations have the potential to drive cross sells to existing customers.

    Funnel : Flight Searched to Hotel Booked

    In the last 7 days
    Step 1: Flight Searched
    Step 2: Flight Booking Successful
    Step 3: Hotels Viewed
    Step 4: Hotel Booking SuccessfulConversion Time – 1 dayFlight Searched to Hotel Booked Funnel
    Target Segment: Users who Booked Flights but didn’t Viewed Hotels.
    Campaign: Cross-Sell Campaign.
    Channel: Push Notification.
    Push Notification Travel
  3. Fintech Apps: Win Back Campaign
    Mobile wallet adoption has increased in recent years owing to the frictionless experience mobile wallets offer. One major moment of truth for new users is the first transaction. Many mobile wallets offer promotions or coupons to nudge new users to transact. Using Actionable Funnels, marketers can create win back campaigns for users who purchased using a coupon code and then uninstalled the app.

    Funnel : New Users to Uninstall

    In the last 30 days
    Step 1: Charged
    • Coupon Code equals NEW75
    • AND First time equals yes

    Step 2: App Uninstalled
    Conversion Time – 3 days
    New Users to Uninstall Funnel
    Target Segment: Users who did Coupon Applied and Uninstalled App.
    Campaign: Win Back Campaign.
    Channel: Email.

    Email Campaign

  4. OTT Apps: Upsell Campaign
    For media and entertainment apps, marketing efforts are focused on converting freemium users to paid subscribers. Monitoring and optimizing conversion rates for each stage in the payment process is critical. In such case, campaigns that nudge users to take the next step in the funnel help improve conversions.

    Funnel – From Freemium User to Paid Streamer
    In the last 15 days
    Step 1: App_Start
    Step 2: Premium_Button_Click
    Step 3: Subscription_Pack
    Step 4: Proceed to Pay
    Step 5: Select_Payment_Mode
    Step 6: Order_ConfirmationConversion Time – 1 day
    Freemium to Paid User Funnel
    Target Segment: Users who clicked Premium but didn’t proceed to Subscription Pack.
    Campaign: Upsell Campaign.
    Channel: Push Notification.
    Push Notification

Are You Ready to Do More With Actionable Funnels?

Actionable Funnels is available now to all CleverTap users. Just visit the Analyze section in your CleverTap dashboard and click on Funnels. After you define your steps, you’ll see your funnel visualization. You can then click on the visual to either save a segment of users or create a campaign targeting that segment.
Let us know what you think of this feature in the comments section below!

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Last updated on March 4, 2024