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Real Impact - CleverTap's Reporting Dashboard

Real Impact” - CleverTap's reporting dashboard which gives you a long term view of the consolidated impact of your engagement campaigns on business metrics. Using it you can easily track metrics like average revenue per user, conversions, retention, stickiness, recency and frequency of purchase, and more.With Real Impact, you can tie marketing dollars spent to dollars earned and align marketing efforts to larger business goals.


Mobile Marketing Glossary

We've made a list of 50+ mobile marketing terms that you need to know. Use this list to learn new concepts and keep up with the latest terminology.


The Mobile Marketing Metrics that Matter to CMOs

Focus on the metrics that matter to your CMO, tie campaign results back to relevant business goals, and create smart marketing strategies that drive company growth.


Practical Applications of Machine Learning & Automation for CRM

This video will cover how you can take immediate steps to tackle big data, machine learning, and automation within your CRM stack, and separates the hype from reality.


How to use the CleverTap Custom Dashboards

Save yourself from the tedium of digging for that data in order to collaborate with your team. With CleverTap’s Custom Dashboards, you can now create the dashboards you need with all the metrics that matter most to you.


Unraveling the GDPR Compliance with CleverTap

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on May 25, 2018. Understand what GDPR entails, the compliance requirements and non-compliance penalties.


Pivots - For Advanced Data Insights

Pivots is an industry first data-exploration tool that summarizes your data and helps you slice it and dice it with the help of tables and other meaningful data visualizations.


Customer Insights That Drive User Engagement

In the world of mobile growth, it is critical to understand how best to leverage your data paired with the most relevant engagement strategies. Join CleverTap’s VP of Growth Kara Dake in a deep dive in to all things analytics and engagement to support your growth decisions.


The Secrets Behind Successful App Launches- GoT Edition

If App marketing took place in the world of Game of Thrones, how would the characters compete? Read a definitive app analytics stack guide in pure fan fiction style.


Consolidated App Analytics and User Engagement Overview

So you've acquired a bunch of new users from your big marketing spend. Now what? Use analytics to determine which sources drove sticky users and engage them to become your brand advocates.


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