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We offer a complete engagement and retention suite for your startup. As a part of CleverTap for Startups, you’re invited to join the CleverTap Leap community, where we help businesses grow by providing discounts and resources through our growth partner network.

Join the CleverTap Leap community for growing startups

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Having scaled quickly over the last few years, we realized that none of this growth would be possible without our valued startup friends. Now is the time to pay it forward.
Benefits of Leap community
Converse in More Than 68 Languages
Exclusive discount

Get a discount price on our Essentials plan, including add-ons, to help your startup scale faster.

Engage With Conversations
Hands-on Resources

Access a comprehensive library of resources, product documentation, and user engagement events and sessions.

Engage With Conversations
Thriving community

Gain access to networking opportunities by joining our invite-only community of startup founders and our network of global VCs, accelerators, incubators.

Using CleverTap's solution, Betterhalf boosts their push notification render rate to 85%


Our Leap partnership with CleverTap is instrumental in helping us create seamless, deeply intuitive customer engagement journeys. Through this, we’re not only seeing tangible business outcomes but also nurturing and strengthening our relationship with customers.

Aamna Khan, Co-Founder & CEO
Using CleverTap's solution, Betterhalf boosts their push notification render rate to 85%


In an industry like ours, it’s very difficult to get things directly from users because no one wants to talk about their dating app usage habits. This is where CleverTap’s SDK really became ‘clever’ for us. We’re able to run A/ B experiments, track the success of our features and hypotheses and then take a measured call.

Devanshu Verma, Co-Founder
Using CleverTap's solution, Betterhalf boosts their push notification render rate to 85%


We’ve found CleverTap to be a valuable partner in our growth journey. The platform has helped us better understand and engage with our users, which has driven growth for our business.

Amir Elshazly, Co-Founder and CMO

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Loved By Global Growth Catalysts

CleverTap Leap has partnered with global VC firms, accelerators, incubators, startup communities, and businesses to help their portfolio startups become the next unicorns.
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  • Accel
  • Accelerating Asia
  • advantEdge
  • Alpha JWC
  • Alpha Wave Global
  • AIC Raise incubation
  • Anthill Ventures
  • Antler
  • Arthayan
  • AWS Activate
  • Better Capita
  • Builders Tribe
  • Class 5 Global
  • Conquest
  • Debite
  • DMZ
  • F6S
  • F7 Ventures
  • Favcy Venture Builder
  • Foundership
  • Founders Network
  • Elevation Capital
  • Go Ventures
  • GrowthX
  • Huddle
  • Holt Xchange
  • Headstart
  • Interplay
  • Kae
  • Kalaari Capital
  • Kapor Capital
  • Leo Capital
  • Lets Venture- Scalix
  • Mercury
  • MEST
  • Mstudio
  • Narrato
  • NachoNacho
  • Nexus Venture Partners
  • Open
  • Orios Venture Partner
  • OnDeck
  • Onsurity
  • Outliers Venture Capital
  • Peak XV Surge
  • Plug and Play
  • PointOne
  • Prime Venture Partners
  • PushStart
  • Razorpay Rize
  • Rodeo
  • SELISE Group
  • Secret
  • SOSV
  • Startup Réseau
  • Startup Mahakumbh
  • Stellaris
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Techstars
  • Think Zone
  • Titan Capital
  • Tyke Invest
  • Velocity
  • Viisa
  • WeWork Labs
  • White Venture Capital
  • Whiteboard Venture Partners
  • YCombinator
  • Zee Growth Capital
  • li>
  • 100.X VC
  • 3one4 Capital
  • 9Unicorns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the discount applied?
The discount is applicable on the base plan + add-ons and is applied to your monthly invoice.
What happens if we go beyond the selected MAU tier?
If you exceed the MAU counts for your plan, you may incur overages. Discounts are not applicable on overages. Read more on how overages are charged for the CleverTap Essentials Plan.
I received CleverTap credits/discounts through another partner program. Can I reapply?
While we would love to support your continued growth, it would be unfair to other deserving startups. If you have previously received credits and exhausted them, you cannot reapply.
I want a live CleverTap demo walkthrough. Can you help?
Join our interactive webinars to get a comprehensive understanding of how the product works. Register here to join a demo. You can also sign up with CleverTap Essentials Plan and get access to a demo e-commerce account that’s been populated with sample data for you to explore.