Take a leap

The CleverTap Leap Program for growing Startups

CleverTap offers a complete engagement and retention suite for your startup. As part of the CleverTap Leap program, we’re offering growing companies generous discounts to get started.

How to apply?
  • 1. Sign up for the CleverTap Basic Plan

  • 2. If you’ve already subscribed, fill this form out .

  • 3. Sit tight. We’ll get back to you shortly 🙂

Apply to CleverTap Leap

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Rocket Fuel for Young Companies

As we scaled quickly over the last few years, we realized that none of this growth would have been possible without some of our valued startup friends. Now is the time to pay it forward.

  • Who’s Eligible?

      To be eligible for the CleverTap Leap program, all businesses must meet the following criteria:

    • Applicable only on CleverTap Basic Plan

    • Have not previously received CleverTap discounts/credits

    • Should be a current participant or alumni with one of our startup growth partners.

    • Applicable only for new to CleverTap customers

    • Questions about the eligibility criteria? Email us at taketheleap@clevertap.com

  • What’s Included?
    • A discount on the CleverTap Basic Plan, including add-ons.
    • Complete access to a library of marketing resources, product documentation, and ongoing user engagement events and webinars

    • Opportunity to collaborate with us on joint marketing initiatives such as case studies, webinars

    • Bragging rights and startup love

Loved By Global Growth Catalysts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the discount applied?
The discount is applicable on the base plan + add-ons and is applied to your monthly invoice.
What happens if we go beyond the selected MAU tier?
If you exceed the MAU counts for your plan, you may incur overages. Discounts are not applicable on overages. Read more on how overages are charged for the CleverTap Basic Plan.
I received CleverTap credits/discounts through another partner program. Can I reapply?
While we would love to support your continued growth, it would be unfair to other deserving startups. If you have previously received credits and exhausted them, you cannot reapply.
I want a live CleverTap demo walkthrough. Can you help?
Join our interactive webinars to get a comprehensive understanding of how the product works. Register here to join a demo. You can also sign up with CleverTap Basic Plan and get access to a demo e-commerce account that’s been populated with sample data for you to explore.