Marketing Automation Glossary

November 12, 2018

Marketing automation is the process of using software tools to accomplish tedious or repetitive marketing tasks. By enabling the automation of these low-level actions, marketers can focus on strategizing and bringing in new customers.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation isn’t a replacement for the hard work that marketers put in. In reality, it allows marketers to execute their work more efficiently.

It works this way:

  • Marketers set their goals and KPIs.
  • They create the individual pieces of content that power their campaigns. (E.g., ebooks, blog posts, email content, push notification messaging, etc.)
  • They use marketing automation software to build processes that can send out and deliver these pieces of content 24/7 with minimal intervention.

Examples of Marketing Automation

A prime example of this is email nurturing. You can use marketing automation to set up and automatically trigger an email nurture campaign once a customer signs up. This campaign can contain a series of pre-written emails slowly explaining the main features and benefits of your app.

Another example: building deep links for a mobile marketing campaign. Let’s say you sent out a push notification to your users inviting them back to your app. But you also sent out a reminder email to those who abandoned their carts in your app. Each of those groups will need separate deep links to the relevant sections in your app. Marketing automation can make the process of building out those links easier.

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