Banner Ad

July 6, 2018

A banner ad is a form of online advertising that is delivered by an ad server and displayed on a website.

It is an image-driven visual ad deployed by a marketer, usually located at the top or bottom of a webpage, promoting your brand. And in order to get on that space, you pay an ad platform.

How a Banner Ad Works

A banner ad is simply a way for a graphic element to hyperlink to your content. Ideally, it leads to a landing page within your brand’s website so that when a customer clicks on your ad, they are automatically tracked and led down a path to take a very specific action – usually a purchase or a download.

Your brand must pay an advertising platform (or the host website directly) in order for your banner ad to be displayed on a host website.

Why the Banner Ad is Important

Despite web-savvy audiences ignoring ads completely and a large number of browser add-ons and extensions designed to block ads in websites, banner ads still work and are a staple in digital advertising strategies the world over. Why is that?

  • The banner ad increases traffic: A well-designed, well-produced, and well-placed ad is able to increase traffic to your web properties and bring people to you – people who may not have otherwise found your brand online.
  • The banner ad increases awareness of your app: Remember that everything you do in advertising and marketing is for the purpose of promoting your mobile app and your brand. And let’s face it, banner ads help spread knowledge about the existence of your app to all the various properties where your target market hangs out.
  • The banner ad helps sell your app: A close corollary to the above is that this attention translates to conversions and sales when done right. If the right people see your ad, and they see what value your app gives them, this becomes a sale at the right time.

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