Device Crossover

July 9, 2018

Device crossover is the phenomenon of users switching between various devices in order to access your website or app. They may move from a desktop computer to a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone as they go about their day.

Why Device Crossover is Important in Mobile Marketing

We all own multiple devices. We switch devices as the need strikes.

As marketers, we need to be able to do cross-device marketing to our users – even if they access our app or website on different devices. It becomes crucial to have a way to identify users in order to send them relevant notifications, emails, or marketing materials that render correctly on their devices.

Tracking Users Across Devices?

But how do you track users who switch devices? Cookies won’t work. Asking users to log in constantly will annoy them.

The answer is to create very narrowly defined user segments. Using geography, demographics, reachability, and custom user attributes, you can build user segments that can be given personalized messaging that engages and converts them.

Or you can purposely move users forward into your sales funnel so they gradually reveal more about themselves in exchange for resources.

Device Crossover Metrics to Monitor

If you want to track how successful your cross-device marketing efforts are, you need to watch reach and frequency.

  • How many people are being shown your ad?
  • How often are they seeing it?
  • And on which devices?

Knowing the answers to these questions will show you which devices and segments are giving you the best ROI so you can focus your resources on them.

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