Instantly Find All Paths to Conversion with Flows

Perform a Complete Analysis of How Users Navigate Through your App.

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Visualize End-to-End Customer Journeys to Boost Engagement

Flows lets you isolate all the different ways your customers navigate your app. It shows all the paths customers take so you can identify the optimal points to engage them in your app.

Analyze where your customers go before or after performing a specific action. Or follow their journey between two custom events to analyze the frequency of occurrence of an important event. For instance, dissect what customers did after installing your app to view and purchase a product.

Distill a Sequence of Critical Drop-off Points

Prevent cart abandons. Pinpoint app pages that lead to uninstalls. Use Flows to identify drop-off points and determine where customers get stuck in order to optimize your app.

Flows automatically picks the top events by their frequency of occurrence so you can focus on the most important events in your app. Boost conversions and deliver a superior customer experience.

Analyze Conversion Times Between Critical Events

Marketers often want to analyze how customers react to a specific event or a campaign. For instance, study where customers navigate after clicking on a promo code notification.

With Flows, marketers see the sequence of actions customers took, along with the percentage of user conversions and the average time taken to convert at each step of the journey. Use advanced options to configure the total elapsed time a user must take to complete a Flow.

Prevent Churn by Tracking Events that Lead to Uninstalls

The Flows chart shows a sequence of events along with the number of users included in an analysis.

Analyze what users did before an event to show navigation through your app. Simply hover over the concentric circles in the sunburst chart to isolate the different paths users take that lead to uninstalls so you can identify the last steps they take before churn.

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