Data Dashboard: COVID-19’s Impact on Mobile Businesses

As the social and economic impact of coronavirus continues to evolve, the full impact of the crisis on mobile businesses is yet to be determined. Its spread has left companies of all sizes and across sectors counting costs – and customers.

This real-time dashboard shows the current trend of daily active users (DAUs) to help you understand the effect of the virus across 20 app industries.

The dashboard displays the percent change in DAUs across 2020. Use the dropdown menus to select specific industries and view the latest engagement benchmarks.

Trends by Percent Change in Daily Active Users

This data examines daily active users(DAUs) across Q1 of 2020 to quantify the impact of coronovirus and global shutdowns on app usage across 20 mobile industries. By examining percent change in weekly moving average app launches, this data provides up-to-date industry benchmarks for mobile businesses.
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